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What will happen if I eat just fruits?

In the last post I talked to you about what’s happening with me. This time I want to tell you about my new way of eating. I wanted to do it anyway even if I didn’t write about my health but I did so everything connects well.

“I found a cure for cancer”

During my last visit in Poland, Nate called me and said: “I found a cure for cancer”. I was surprised probably as much as you now so I asked what he meant. He said that he found videos on YouTube made by a man named Loren Lockman who has his own wellness center in Costa Rica. He’s been doing this for years and helped thousands of people who go there to… fast. Most of them don’t eat anything for 21 days (depending on what’s happening to them, how they feel and so on) and they only drink water, resting, sleeping, reading, doing yoga if they feel like it but they usually don’t. During this time one’s organism has a chance to clean from all the trash that they were putting inside of them for years. And it’s not about the things they ate recently only but also about the ones that were there for a long time. For example, one woman was a drug addict several years before she went to that place and during her stay out there she noticed symptoms people have when they stop taking drugs, even though she stopped years before that her body was cleaning itself at that time in Costa Rica. A human’s organism is able to regenerate itself and that’s why when you cut yourself you put a little bandage on it and there’s no mark a few days after. It’s the same way with everything else but the problem is that the more toxins we put in our bodies (medicines, food, drugs, etc.) the more our body has to fight, the more energy it uses and then it’s not able to handle everything so there are illnesses like heart attacks or cancers. A general Loren’s idea is living in peace with your own body, cleaning it from everything bad and then slowly starting eating over but plants only and, speaking more adequately, fruits. Adding some simple salads sometimes, for example spinach, avocado, tomato. Everything fresh, eating in its natural form, one type at a time, not processed in any way. And when I say not processed I mean not mixed and not cooked/fried/baked.

Problems with digestion is a people’s nightmare these days

Tons and tons of people don’t tolerate some foods, have problems with digestion. Millions of people have problems with gas, weird sounds from their stomachs, nausea, heartburn, constipation, feeling tired, heavy, sleepy, with pain and other things like that. It all is nothing else but a sign from our body that we give it something it doesn’t want, doesn’t eat, isn’t able to digest. It happens often that people don’t even see these symptoms because they happen so often that it’s a matter of getting used to them. The best selling medicine in the world isn’t something for pain or cold but pills that are supposed to help digest food. It’s simple – someone who has problems with digesting what he eats prefers to use medicines and ruin other organs instead of find a cause of the problem and get rid of it. Medicines work for effects and symptoms but they don’t heal the cause.

Speaking generally, during digestion process our digestive enzymes play a huge role because they break down food (fat, protein, etc.) so that our bodies can absorb. Different enzymes are needed to digest for example a banana and different ones to digest spinach. What’s more, a human’s body isn’t able to digest some stuff like, for example, corn because it contains cellulose fibers and there’s a certain enzyme needed to break it down. People don’t have it. It’s a similar situation with nuts and that’s why a lot of websites say to soak them in water for at least a night. Not because it’s easier to blend them but because soaking them breaks down phytic acid that then and only then can be absorbed correctly and also some enzymes are neutralized. If they were in a raw form, they’d make digestion much harder. We also have some troubles with starch that’s found in, for example, potatoes, carrots or bananas that aren’t ripe yet. Look that nobody eats raw potatoes! All of them are always cooked so that it’s easier (but not easy) to digest them. Glucose polymers that are found in starch are used by plants as a type of a long-term storage of energy and our enzymes change this starch into glucose (sugar) so it’ll be easier to digest it and absorb what’s needed. Notice how much work your body has to put in it! When we cook potatoes hydrogen bonds that are between those glucose polymers are being broken and then enzymes in our bodies have access to things they’re able to break down.

The difference between potatoes and bananas is that in case of bananas it’s good to wait several days for them to be ripe because during this process a banana does the work mentioned above that our body would have to do to digest a potato… or a banana that isn’t ripe. That’s why when you eat a good, ripe, sweet banana (the one that has brown spots on it), you digest it much faster and there’s no problems with a stomach or anything else because your body gets exactly what it needs and what it’s able to digest with no problems.

Fruits as a source of a good and healthy life

So after I got back home from Poland, around two months ago, I started to eat in a very similar way to Nathan’s. He changed his diet in one day, he just stopped eating other stuff and ate fruits only. I did it a little slower because I increased amount of fruits I ate but I also finished the rest of the food we had in out refrigerator and freezer. I watched videos, read studies, articles and I even joined some fruitarianism’s (people eating only fruits) groups on Facebook to see how they live, how they feel and to talk to a few. All that shed new light on my opinions and believes because everyone said they felt great, they’re active and all the complaints they had before went away. And suddenly all the cooked food, cakes, cookies, pizzas, sandwiches and stuff like that stopped being food for me! Being in a grocery store I’d look at things I liked so much before and nothing looked good, nothing sounded good, everything seemed so not healthy, dry and not good. All of it was – and still is – something that in my opinion people shouldn’t consume.

If fruits are ripe people digest them with no problem and pretty fast. The fastest digested fruits are melons. Fruits are full of water and that’s why there’s no chance of being dehydrated unless you eat just bananas… Then you might have a problem because they don’t have too much of water. But things like watermelon, mango, nectarines, cherries and more are totally fine if it comes to that. According to livestrong.com adult women should have between 45 and 60% of water in their organism (men between 50 and 65%) but Loren says that it’s still not enough so I don’t know who to believe. I measured it today and turned out I have 63% and before, during my old diet, this number was lower even though I was drinking a lot of water. And, oh, the best thing is that I don’t drink at all unless I have pole class, then I have a can of coconut water. Other than that I don’t drink anything.

Why not cooked? The answer for this is easy – a lot of products (rice, potatoes, groats, pastas and so on) are cooked in order for us to even eat them. In my opinion if you can’t eat something in a natural form it means you shouldn’t eat it. Also, while cooking veggies and fruits lose their nutrients and different processes happen that affects people in a bad way.

Fruits contain a lot of important vitamins, enzymes, minerals. They have protein, fiber, etc. What one fruit doesn’t have the other one will. And yes, fruits don’t have as much protein as for example cow’s muscles but people don’t need as much of it as we’re told so what we get from fruits is enough. And there are people who live like this for YEARS and have no problems at all.

By the way, before one of the procedures I had lately a nurse asked me about my favorite food. When I told her how we eat she said exactly: “wow, you’re doing the best thing for your body you ever could”.

And what’s more, fruits are simply delicious :).

“What do you eat, for example, for dinner?”

Earlier I was the only one who cooked dinners. Now I don’t do it anymore at all and it has good and bad sides… but more good ones. And everything now seems so easy and fast! I go to the kitchen, grab a few bananas, a bowl of strawberries or I cut a melon and that’s all of the work I need to put in preparing meals.

Like I said, each product needs a different enzyme to be digested so we eat one type at a time mostly. I mean, if I get bananas then my meal are bananas only. If I grab cherries then I eat cherries only. There are exceptions though. One of them is a salad that we eat from time to time. It’s made of spinach or some other dark green leaves, tomato and avocado. By the way, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and a few more are fruits too! We eat the salad in order to put some spice into everything 😉 but also dark green leaves are very healthy. My second exception is when I crave something different that consists of several different ingredients. Then, for example, I cut bananas and glaze them with a sauce made of blueberries, raspberries and dates. Yummy and I don’t crave anything anymore.

The salad I mentioned. This time I put cucumbers too and I always eat cucumbers with the skin.
Spaghetti made of zucchini and the sauce is tomatoes, red pepper and sun dried tomatoes. 
A different version of the salad! No cucumber this time but zucchini instead with avocado inside. Zucchinis are fruit too but I don’t eat it anymore because the raw taste of it isn’t my favorite.
Mangoes! We eat a lot of them.
Our groceries from one time. I don’t know how long this lasted… 3 days?
A snack before going to sleep – bananas with the sauce I told you about.
And since I made too much of the sauce I had a snack to take with me while going to Atlanta :).
Orange flesh honeydew. I don’t like honeydew but this type is delicious. This is my favorite melon.
Snacks on the go! Raspberries, peaches and coconut water.



Weight lose and other changes

I stopped believing in all the numbers you can find on the Internet and that nutritionists talk about. I think that each person is different, grows differently and so on. For a long time I’ve been below my “normal” weight even though I always ate a lot. I wasn’t sick in any way, my blood tests were always good, I had energy. So why would I gain weight? Just to put myself in that bag with a “right” number? Neh, doesn’t seem like a right thing to do to me. When I started eating mainly fruits my weight started dropping and I got afraid it wouldn’t stop. It did stopped though and it’s not moving anymore so I think I reached my optimal weight. I lost 9kg (19 lbs 12 oz) but I don’t look sick or anything. And if it comes to calories I don’t really like all the calculators that tell people how to live. I don’t know how many calories I eat, I really don’t know. If, one day, I eat watermelon only I surely have less of them than the other day when I eat three avocados, a few bananas and other stuff. And I feel well all the time, I have energy, my muscles grow and there’s nothing wrong besides being tired and this is caused by April ;). I trust my body and if I don’t feel the need to eat two more avocados just to reach the “right” number of calories for me then I won’t eat them. And if I want to I’ll eat six avocados even though some think it’s way too much. (By the way, avocados are just an example. I usually eat 1-2 daily depending on their size.)

Other changes? The most obvious thing is that my skin on my whole body, including face, is smoother, tighter and has some kind of a… glow. I have very strong nails and they don’t break at all, earlier I had some problems with that. I don’t know about hair because after my pregnancy and because of all the hormones not only it grows curly underneath but it still falls out. Also, I don’t have any pains during my period and before it always hurt. I also have the impression that… my teeth are whiter. But here I need to consult with Nathan to make sure.

I crave pizza and french fried

I remember very well that when Nathan was telling me all that on the phone I panicked. I imagined him starving to death, having a lot of deficiencies, extremely tired all the time. It really hurt that I won’t be able to cook for him and I liked doing it, I also finally became good at it. I accepted that and I started changing my mind after learning more about this lifestyle.

Cravings… I don’t really have any need to eat different stuff. I mean, I sometimes feel like eating something but… I don’t know how to explain. I do feel like eating other stuff but on the other hand I don’t want to because I know that it won’t end well for me and I’ll make a step back. I think it’s because food is addictive. And I say it totally seriously! Look how many people can’t pass McDonald’s without buying a cheeseburger! And not only McDonald’s is addictive but all the cooked food full of salt. So I think it’s better to have some transition time instead of jumping like Nathan did. Even though he didn’t have any problems, I had some and it happened that I ate for example soy chicken (once in a restaurant) or fries from chic’fil’a (once also) and later I regretted so I didn’t do it anymore.  Because when you start eating only fruits you body is going to cleanse and will get used to good stuff so then it’ll be much easier to notice a body’s reactions to different things and react properly. I also want to add that some time ago I had a huge desire to eat a burrito from my ex-favorite restaurant but I knew it wasn’t a good idea because I always was bloated afterwards. So I found a restaurant with raw food in Atlanta, wraps mostly so like burritos pretty much. And they make their tortillas of coconut. I went there, ate one and I was fully satisfied not having any digestive problems afterwards. And yes, I sometimes don’t have this cool feeling that oh, I ate and I feel full and satisfied. It happens that I’m hungry all the time and I get frustrated. And then there’s the time to eat things like bananas with the sauce or zoodles (zucchini pasta). My goal, however, is to eat one type of fruit at a time.

And I think that if your body craves something it doesn’t crave this one meal but some ingredient in it. It’s worth it to listen to your body and if you really want to eat brownie then eat a few dates and you won’t feel that anymore. Anyway, even if I eat something different I don’t blame myself but I learn on mistakes because I usually feel bad after that. For now I can say I’m a fruitarian in 95% ;).

You know what’s the most difficult thing? I don’t have big problems with things like vegan burgers or other stuff but it’s very hard for me to stop drinking coffee. Since I got pregnant I started drinking decaf and I never went back to caffeine but even then it’s not the easiest thing to do, to be honest. But I limited it so I’m on a good way!

When death knocks on your door, everything changes

I’ll be totally honest, when I found out I have this gene mutation, I got panicked. I thought… well, what’s next, I’ll keep getting cancers until I die? I’ll have to take medications, chemotherapy, I’ll lose my hair, desire to live? NO. None of these options is for me. I decided to do all I can to be as healthy as possible and to live as long as possible. I think that this way of eating is the way that will help me be healthy and live a long life. Even in a situation when I have this stupid gene that’s not working. And I’ll tell you about my other plans in one of the next posts.

Talk to you next time,