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What does Alicia eat and what kind of milk do we feed April? A little bit about our daughters’ diets.

Recently I’ve been receiving two questions – what kind of milk April drinks and if Alicia eats just fruits as well. The second question was definitely more common and I’m going to explain everything today!


Why I don’t breastfeed anymore

I was lucky with not having any problems with breastfeeding at the beginning and April came to my nipple by herself a few minutes after she was born by herself. I really wanted to breastfeed her for at least a year because I believe that a mother’s milk is the best food for babies (even the 2,5 year old ones!). I mean, unless a mother eats trash – then it’s not that good ;). Anyway, unfortunately it didn’t work and I really regret it and if someone asked me what I miss the most I’d say I miss breastfeeding. Not only because it was the best for April but I simply liked it a lot. I loved being close to her, I loved seeing her staring at me and it was great how calm and relaxed she was. I liked thinking that I was doing what was best for her and I wanted it to last and last…

My plan didn’t work out because when we got to her 3rd month of life she.. started rebelling. I had a lot of milk but she just didn’t want to nurse anymore. She was wriggle, turning her head away, pushing away. I tried to get her back for a long time and I did everything what I read online and a lactation consultant told me to do which means I limited bottles, I put her on my breasts more often when she was awake, sleeping, half asleep, without clothes, on the bed, on the armchair, at night, during the day and so on, and so on. Unfortunately nothing worked and my first trip to Poland ruined everything even more because I didn’t have time, April was very stressed and… a charger for my pump burned.

I had to find a different solution because we were running low on my frozen milk and formula wasn’t an option for us. We think it’s very unhealthy, unnatural, full of bad ingredients that aren’t important and that are harmful, including chemicals and cow’s milk. There was a moment though when I bought 4 small containers of soy based formula just in case and I, unfortunately, found myself in a situation when I had to use it. April had one bottle of it only and she started having terrible problems with her tummy, you have no idea. Her stomach was very hard, she cried because of the pain, I couldn’t calm her down. I told myself then, oohhhh no, now I’m even more sure this is not the way to go.

We made our formula by ourselves

I did some more research on the Internet and I found women who keep making milk for their children by themselves. There are all kinds of them – coconut or banana but we decided to stick to hemp milk. We were making it of hemp seeds, Irish sea moss, spring water and several dates. This is what we were giving her for a while and later we started buying hemp milk in stores which has good ingredients as well without any artificial extras or other “important” stuff.

And you know what, April didn’t have ANY problems with her stomach anymore. Nothing, zero. She wasn’t constipated, didn’t have diarrhea or problems with gas at all. She also likes the taste of this milk which is important as well. She’s growing healthy from the very beginning and since then she’s been longer than 98% of babies her age and heavier than 95%. There’s no problems with her development either. When her pediatrician found out that I didn’t breastfeed anymore and I told her what we give April now she said: “you’re doing a great thing!”

Hemp seeds and marijuana

Let me explain here that this milk isn’t addictive, it’s not a drug! Hemp seeds don’t contain active ingredients. The amount of THC which causes the effect similar to the one after taking drugs is <0.3%. These seeds are full of healthy fats, minerals, high quality protein, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium and more. They also have a lot of omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid so the seeds soothe inflammation inside and out our bodies, soothe asthma symptoms, lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of getting heart attacks and so on. [source] Mentioned just now fatty acids work perfectly for our immune system and this is the most crucial thing in fighting any illness [source].

Talking about a different thing for a moment and fortunately it’s not about April but about other people – higher doses of THC healed illnesses that were “incurable” like cancers. [source 1, source 2] And why doctors will never say anything about this? Because just in the United States they earn over 200 billion dollars from conventional methods like chemotherapy! Nobody wants to lose money like this and who’d care about dying of chemo people, right? [source]  If you yourself have any problems or know others with cancers I highly recommend you learn more about it.

Introducing April to new foods

We started with avocado but April wasn’t ready then yet. She’d swallow some but she didn’t know how to move food on her tongue from front of her mouth to her throat. We tried again from time to time and she started staring at us eating, she would reach to our food and if she grabbed something, she’d put it in her mouth and chew. This was a good sign that we can try again and it worked then because nothing fell from her mouth anymore. She even started chewing using her gums.

April never did and never will get soups for babies, juices or cereals. Right now her favorite foods are pears. She likes bananas, mangoes and watermelon as well. If it comes to a watermelon she sucks the juice out of it and spits out the rest. I give her some strawberries when I eat them as well.

This is how she’s eating her banana :).


And this is her face that she made after she saw me eating the last piece of our watermelon.

I don’t have any specific way to feed/not to feed her. She sometimes eats mashed fruits and sometimes whole pieces of watermelon or strawberries because I want her to know the texture of what she eats, I want her to be able to touch everything. Usually when I eat something she wants it too so I either put her on her highchair and give it to her or let her bite a piece of banana. It depends. We also don’t have any specific times for feedings because I eat whenever I am hungry and she’s like this as well. However, I know when there’s time when she wants some more so I try to give her solids around 2-3 times a day. She sometimes demands something else than milk and it’s really cool. I don’t have any amount of food I want her to eat because it depends on how much she wants. If she wants one piece of mango she’ll get one, if she wants three she’ll get three and that’s fine too.

Yes, we’re raising her this way and we want her to eat the way we do because we believe this is the best way to keep you healthy.

April will be too young to understand about all that for a long time, to know why we eat different things than our friends and family besides the obvious – animals – because this she’ll be able to understand much faster. If someone wants to give her cookies, chips, cheese or fried veggies I’ll be clear that I don’t want them to do it. I won’t give her anything besides what we eat unless they’re different fruits because she might like what we don’t. For example, April likes apples and I don’t. If she’s certain age when she understands all that and she’ll come to me and say “mom, you know what, I’m going out with my friends and I want to try a steak” I’ll share my (huge) concern regarding this idea but I won’t force her to stay because this is her decision made based on her knowledge. And when she comes back saying that it was gross and she feels sick to her stomach I won’t tell her “I told you so!” but I’ll listen and understand. However, I don’t believe that this will happen at all.

Does Alicia eat just fruits too

No, Alicia doesn’t eat fruits only. She’s not even a vegan anymore. I’m sure she’d be if not the pressure from others (her mother, grandmother, mother’s friends) but if she’d go our way and eat fruits only? I honestly doubt it.

If it comes to Alicia she’s been eating a “traditional American way” for her whole life so we’re not forcing her to any changes. Alicia knows how animals are treated, how they make milk, eggs, meat and so on because we all watched documentaries about it. She forced on this her whole attention and she doesn’t really know how to connect this with the influence on her health and life. I’m positive that she’ll understand more later and she’ll make a different decision. For now she likes unhealthy foods but neither me nor Nathan buy any spicy Cheetoes, cheesburgers, frozen stuff only or anything like that but we explain why and we never say “just because”. We won’t force her to anything though because if we did the possibility that she’ll rebel would be very high and then she wouldn’t touch any fruits and even any veggies and this is not what we want. Eating should be a pleasure not a coercion!

Talk to you next time,