Why did I become vegan


In my case it was a little different than in people who change their diets completely from so-called standard diet to a veganism. I was vegetarian before so I didn’t eat meat and transitioned into veganism years later. I became vegetarian because, as a kid, I found out how it all works, where this meat on my plate comes from and so on. I found out in a brutal way because I saw my family members killing chickens or ducks. It opened my eyes but I kept eating cheese… a lot of cheese. Really, I loved cheese on everything and my favorite desert was obviously a cheesecake. For a long time I had no idea that a dairy industry is as brutal as a meat industry… or even more.

Everything changed when I arrived to the States. Nathan became vegetarian after I came and he planned to do it for am month only to see how he’d feel, if anything would change. He never went back to eating meat! He didn’t drink cow milk for a while then already (he drank almond milk) but he still ate cheese. Shortly after my arrival he told me that one of the things that’s in milk is pus. What’s more, law says that there’s a certain amount of pus that is ok in each glass of milk. It disgusted me so much that I stopped drinking milk and shortly after that we both became vegans which was caused by reasons below.



1. Manipulation and brainwashing

I noticed that tons of people blindly believe in what they hear in media and I started wondering if that’s a good idea. I started questioning what I heard and over time I realized that we’re greatly manipulated by media and government and that, unfortunately, most people don’t know that. Because it’s all about money. Those huge companies producing milk don’t care about people’s levels of calcium, the thing they care about is to sell their products and make money. So they convince people that their product has so much calcium and/or protein that bones will never break and a kid will grow three times taller… OK, not really but you get the point. I wanted to know more and take care of my health and life the best way I could via making conscious decisions based on my knowledge and not on what someone from tv told me. And when I watch some commercials while at the gym I see more and more milk based drinks and they just race which one has more protein because the one that has more is better… They try to force people to believe that and they definitely make it work.


2. I feel disgust 

One of the reasons for this is what I mentioned above – pus in milk. I can’t get over it and when I think about how much milk and cheese I had I’m seriously grossed out. It’s not only that but also the fact that milk comes from a different animal and it’s made only for calves and not for people. I imagined a human sucking a cow’s udders and… it’s not very interesting, right? Later I found out how they produce milk, how they treat cows and so on and after that I just think it’s gross. I recommend watching “Earthlings” which you can find on YouTube. Not even mentioning a stress hormone which each animal in a situation like this produces in crazy amounts…


3. Animals’ suffering

Unfortunately, animals don’t run happily on meadows, feed calves and sometimes a human comes with a bucket and milk them. Nope, the reality is different, very brutal. Animals suffer, are tortured, die, kill each other and so on. Hens have their beaks cut while awake so that they can’t kill each other while being closed in very small cages with tons of other hens because if they hurt each other they won’t be useful and people will loose money. Chickens born on farms like this are grounded alive because they’re not useful. Cows have their babies taken away from them right after they’re born so that they can’t drink their mothers milk because then people won’t have enough and they won’t have enough money. And imagine a mother running after a truck where her baby was put, crying and not knowing what’s happening just because people decided to drink its milk… This is very cruel. I, as a mother, can’t imagine a situation like this. Also, cows in their natural environment live around 25 years and in a farms like that they live 5 to 7 years because of how they’re treated, they died or have their throats cut and are left to bleed out.


4. I love animals

I realized I can’t say I love animals and pet a cat with one hand and then have a piece of chicken on a fork in another. An animal is an animal, each one of them suffer, each one has a right to live. I don’t understand why I am to take care of a cat, hamster or rabbit the way I take care of a baby and eat chickens, cows or pigs at the same time. Because they don’t have fur and aren’t that cute? Maybe they’re not but, damn, they’re living creatures as well! The fact that we (we meaning people) eat these specific animals is caused by cultural norms and our habits. Note that in some places in the world cows are considered saint animals and nobody will never kill and eat them. In other places people eat cats. You see. Humans don’t need animals or dairy, humans are just used to them. In my opinion if someone says “I love animals” should stop saying this and say “I love cats but I hate cows so I eat them” instead.


5. Health

This is my main reason. A vegan diet is healthier than the one consisted of animal products. Vegans live longer, have lower risks of getting cancers, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses than people eating meat and other animal products. A traditional diet (“standard American diet” = SAD diet if you put first letters of each word together… interesting, huh?) is one of the main causes of most deaths in the world! And from my experience, I feel much better after becoming vegan on so many levels! I’m healthier, look better, feel better, I have more energy, nicer skin, I don’t get sick… Watch for example “Forks over knives”.



And you, if you’re vegan, why did you decide to change your diet?


I’ll see you next time,





Photo in this post: Oli