Life update: pregnancy!


As a lot of you probably already know, I’m in a second pregnancy! Yaaayyyy! I got a lot of questions but I’ll leave them for a different post. I want to highlight two things – the first one is that I already got questions about my diet and supplements so you don’t have to add any of that anymore. Second, I won’t talk about everything in details so the fact that you ask something doesn’t mean I’ll answer them :).

Today I’d like to tell you more or less how I feel with all that. I want to share it here because a lot of you have been here for a long time so I can call you my Internet friends. And I like my friends. I mean, most of them ;). I realize that there’s a lot of you here on my blog and on my YouTube channel so there’s no way for me not to get questions. I know you’re curious and I’m not upset about it so I want to explain a few things which I want to explain and the rest will stay for me. Like I’ll say a few more times later, I want you to respect that.



We’re both very happy because we wanted to have a bigger family and we wanted another baby close in age to April. And it’s not some weird greed to take photos on Instagram, like two people accused me of earlier (wtf?!) but it’s a big desire to create a loving family and to leave something very valuable after us.

Of course not everything always goes the way it should and sometimes a lot of people can’t make this dream come true which I can’t even imagine. I feel sorry for those people. In our case there was never a problem like this and probably never will be.

I need to say here that at some point I thought it would never happen again. It was when I found out about my genetic mutation and about the risk of passing it on to a child. At that time I told Nathan that there was no way for us to have any more children in a natural way because I don’t want to put anyone in a situation that I’m in.



On the way, totally accidentally, I found out about an option with in vitro. My first visit in the in vitro clinic in Atlanta was a year ago. Since then we’ve been in the process so, as you can see, it all took a while. A lot of consultations with doctors, a lot of reading, thinking, tests not only in the clinic but also if it comes to my health because I really wanted to make sure that everything was fine with me before I get pregnant.

They took my egg and Nathan’s sperm and then they let them inseminate by themselves. Later they waited a few days for the embryo to start growing because there was a risk it wouldn’t work. It did work so they froze it and sent it to a lab. In the lab they took a tiny piece of the embryo and tested it for my mutation. After two weeks we found out there was nothing! They also did some tests in chromosomes and everything was fine here as well. And we also know the gender! And I got pregnant right when we tried for the first time.

A lot of people really want to know the gender and say it’s a boy for sure because this and that and others say it’s a girl because something else. I’d like you to respect my decision that I won’t tell you if it’s a girl or a boy for the most part of my pregnancy. And no, in our case it turned out the way that didn’t allow us to chose the gender so, generally speaking, we took what they had :).

I’d like to tell you that our process looked different than in people who are infertile. We don’t have problems like that, in our case the reason why we decided to do it is different. So there were some changes in our case, we didn’t have to do as many things as some other people have to do. I don’t want to start any kind of in vitro process series or anything like this. I don’t want to go into details and talk about it all. There’s too many things, I’d have to talk about all the tests and so on, and I don’t want to go into it. I’d like you to respect this too and not to go into details.



Everything is ok! As you remember from my pregnancy series from my first pregnancy, if you were here at that time, I felt terrible from the very beginning. I had all-day-all-night-long sickness from around 5th week of my pregnancy and I was throwing up like crazy. I couldn’t eat, had no energy, lost weight and my doctor became concerned. I was just sitting on the couch because I wasn’t able to do anything else. I was dizzy and totally pale too. I know it sounds terrible but this is how I felt and it’s kinda hard to explain it the way you’ll really understand what I mean.

Right now I’m at the beginning of my 9th week of pregnancy and I’m very tired. I mean, I’m exhausted. But I don’t have any morning sickness or anything like that. I usually take a nap when April takes a nap or I sleep while she’s playing by herself. It doesn’t work every single day so when I don’t sleep then it’s bad and I can barely function for the rest of the day. I hope though that nothing else will come.

While pregnant for the first time I took photos of my growing belly every single day but this time I don’t want to go crazy like that. It seems simple to take only one photo a day but it’s more complicated when you add all the other things you have to do and a 2-year-old toddler on top of that. I know that I would simply not remember about it. So I take them every week and it’s totally fine with me! Below you can see me and my emaciated stomach ;). By the way, I’d like to explain one thing. I have a scar after my colon surgery and this scar makes my belly stick out a little bit in this “pregnant” way. It’s because it ends right above that place and it makes my belly look like this. I don’t have a baby bump yet but I hope I’ll have it sooner than last time.




Alicia knew from the very beginning about the whole process, I was telling her about each step and so on so she wasn’t really surprised. She had her fingers crossed! April is very young and even though she repeats baby in belly! after me, she doesn’t really understand what it’s all about. I think she’ll be shocked when she sees my growing belly.



Some people asked why I share this information that early when everything can still happen. You know, I don’t believe that my words have such a power. I don’t believe that me telling you that I’m pregnant at this point will bring any problems. If something happens then it happens regardless of when you say something. I’m happy and I want to share it! So please, respect this too.



I think that’s all for now. Thank you all for all the messages with congratulations! There’s so many of them!



I’ll talk to you next time,