Photos from Portland and Seattle


Me and Nathan came back from Portland. A year ago I told you about La Jolla Program where we go every year. This time it was cancelled but we already had flight tickets so we decided to go there for a few days anyway. We didn’t have any concrete plans, we were just kinda walking here and there, meanwhile looking for new places. Right after we got to Portland we went to a hotel… or no, sorry, something different first! After we picked out bag up I saw that the whole bottom of it was totally torn.





We thought we had to do something about it. I waited outside and Nathan went back inside and talk to a woman from Alaska Airlines. He told her what happened and showed the suitcase and the woman asked: do you want to get it fixed or you prefer a new one? Nate said he preferred a new one and so the woman went away and came back after a moment with a totally new suitcase that we got for free. It was all fast and easy. And going back to what I said before – after we got to Portland we stopped by a hotel where we changed out clothes and went to Hallaway Park to participate in VegOut Fest.



We didn’t go there especially for the festival, we found out about it literally two days before we left home. It was happening on Sat and Sun so it was cool that we were there on one of those days.

From what I remember they had over 100 vendors and most of them was with food. There were not only local restaurants but also people baking vegan sweet who don’t have their own shops yet. I’ll write a separate post about where to eat in Portland because it’s a perfect place for all the vegans! Besides food they had vendors with supplements, some places with vegan gadgets and shirts (for example Herbivore Clothing which I recommend a lot), there was also one person from PETA and two or three with vegan beer but it wasn’t interesting for us. Also some people from local animal sanctuaries were there too and we stopped by one for a longer while because it’s an awesome thing.

I’ll show you some photos that I took while walking around. A lot of them have names on them so if you’re going to Portland you’ll now have some places to visit!



There’s a place that’s called Vegan Mini Strip Mall. So it’s kind of like an outside mall but much smaller and completely vegan. They have vegan clothes, vegan bakery or vegan grocery store.



Like I said, we didn’t have any specific plans, we were just walking here and there. One day we booked a trip that Nathan found and it was really cool. We saw waterfalls, mountains, lakes and more. Man, the amount of miles we walked! I was shocked that I made it and, I’ll admit it, I was terribly tired. My body definitely felt what I did to it and after we got back home I fell asleep at 10 pm and woke up at 12.20 pm the next day. It was worth it though!



The best thing was that by the waterfalls it was very nice and the breeze was awesome. I love the nature. I love what it’s hiding and what’s left to see. I love it even though I haven’t seen all of it yet. And that’s why on my Instagram I wrote what I’m going to show you below.

Long time ago while standing in front of views like this I thought: wow, so nice! I took a photo here and a photo there and left. Now I see it a little bit differently. The nature amazes me more than before, I’m definitely more amazed. And, at the same time, I’m sad. We have one Earth only and the state it’s in is terrified. People treat their own home in a horrible way, without thinking. I was looking at a small pool with water and a plastic bottle in it. Not mentioning plastic bottles, straws and other trash… Why? All those empty bottles and straws don’t weigh anything so what’s the problem with taking them with and putting them in the trash? By leaving it all everywhere not only our Earth suffers but also we and other animals do. I don’t understand why so many people don’t pay attention to that. And no, I’m not perfect. I did limit using plastic but I haven’t gotten rid of it in a 100% yet. But please, don’t throw your trash anywhere… And if you’re at a beach or something and you see some bottles on a sand around you, take them and put them in the trash. It’s not much to do but can help a lot. Especially animals living in oceans.





I wanted to go to Seattle for a few years but this city is on the other side of the country and I didn’t care enough to sit on a plane for over 5 hours just to see it. So I was happy that even though La Jolla Program was cancelled we still decided t o go there because Seattle is only a 3 hour long drive from Portland so we went there.

Let me tell you, after leaving in Warsaw for 21 years and I don’t really like big, loud and busy cities anymore. Seattle reminded me of New York City and I don’t like NYC. Seattle is very busy, kind of smelly, loud, I’d call it an industrial city. Unless you go out of the center of it because then it has a lot of interesting places, a lot of calm parks and other open spaces where you can rest, relax and hang out with someone.




I’m not very good in describing trips because, like you already know, I don’t plan anything special. I prefer to just go with it. I don’t like a typical sightseeing with visiting museum and so on, I prefer resting. Well, I walked a lot so my body didn’t really rest but it was nice anyways. I like showing you pictures and that’s why this post is so long but with minimal text. I hope that you enjoyed it because I’m very pleased with what I saw and I wanted to share. Like I said, I’ll write a separate post with a small guide on where to eat in Portland!




I’ll see you next time,