Let’s talk about money


Money is something that people don’t like talking about. It’s obvious that nobody has to explain themselves if it comes to how much they make or spend but in Poland it’s normal to ask each other where someone bought something we like and how much it was, whereas in the US it doesn’t really happen. I never understood why but it’s a different thing.

A lot of you already know from my posts that I had pretty hard time with money as a teenager and later as a, so-called, young adult. It taught me not to spend money on every single thing but rather to think about something twice to make sure that it is really something I need or to check if some other place doesn’t have anything similar but much cheaper. Because of that it was always hard for me to ask people for money and it’s still like this. I also don’t spend let’s say $90 on shoes because it sounds like a lot and I prefer to go to a store where I’ll find similar ones or even a better pair that’s simply cheaper. I’m wondering if any of you have the same thing, let me know!


Now, even though you already know how I feel about it, I joined a growing community of bloggers and youtubers who have their profile on Patronite. I’d like to share this with you even though it’s not that easy for me. Patronite is a Polish version of Patreon that’s similar here so you can read about it in in English if you’d like on Patreon website.


Those monthly amounts in my case start from 5 PLN which is $1.36 and end on 300 PLN which is $81.50 at the moment. The rest you can see my whole profile by clicking here. You can use PayPal if you decide to start supporting me so it doesn’t matter where you live. You know how it is – I get a lot of requests for posts or videos which are connected to buying some product or going somewhere, etc. Some people tell me that sound in my videos isn’t good enough so this would mean a better software to edit photos or/and a better microphone and this means more money to spend. Not mentioning my time, work and all the other things that play some roles here too.


It’s a totally, 100% voluntary thing. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable reading this post you don’t have to finish it and you don’t have to share any of your money. I also know that each one of you is in a different situation and not everyone is able to do anything and that’s ok too – nobody is better or worse, more or less valuable for me. What my supporters get are small things in order to show them my appreciation but nobody will have any access to any secret materials, for example.


I’d love to keep growing to give you more and better content. I want to be better, I want to take a part in courses, I want to have good equipment, I want to write good and helpful posts including the ones from trips. If you help me with that I’ll be extremely thankful and I’m sure you’ll like the results too and if you decide not to do it for whatever reason I want you to know that you’re still very welcome on my social media :).



I’ll see you next time,