5 reasons to stop eating eggs


A while ago I wrote a post about 5 reasons to stop eating dairy (only on Polish page, sorry) and now, as a response for my readers’ requests, I’m posting about eggs. A lot of people think that there’s nothing wrong with eggs because what it could be. There are also people who think that even when you’re on a vegan diet you can still eat eggs from grandma or aunt because hens are treated in a good way. So I decided to talk about it.

Like I said before, I’m not a fan of describing ourselves with specific words. A lot of people get too attached to words like vegan and later there are some misunderstandings and so on. I’m not saying that calling yourself vegan is bad, no! It’s more about this strong attachment to it, about attaching some kind of a tag to yourself for good. If it comes to veganism and eating eggs from your grandmother’s hens – these two things don’t go together. Eggs are an animal product, regardless of how hens are treated. Also, one of the main concepts of veganism is mutual consent. And there’s no such thing if it comes to taking eggs from hens and I don’t think I have to explain why.


I chose a few reasons for you that make sense the most in my opinion. There is more though so if you’d like definitely do your own research.



1. Diabetes

So far I’ve been constantly getting messages and comments telling me that I’ll get diabetes because I eat so much fruits. So I thought this is a good thing to start with. Because fruits themselves won’t give you diabetes and won’t raise your risk of getting it, eating eggs does raise this risk. It was shown that eating just 1 egg a week raises this risk by 67%. Eating 3 or more eggs a week raises the risk by three times. Imagine that you eat scramble eggs made of 2 eggs every other day in a situation when only 3 eggs a week raise that risk 3 times. It’s mostly about a lot of saturated fat that eggs have.


2. Cholesterol

A human body produces cholesterol by itself and there’s no need to eat it with animal products at all. Studies showed that vegans have an ideal cholesterol level, whereas people eating animal products have this level much higher which can cause, for example, heart attacks. Eggs are the main source of cholesterol in a standard American diet, in Polish diet too. Only one egg has 186 mg of cholesterol and this is because this one egg is made the way that allows it to grow a chicken from just one cell. If you think that eating cholesterol doesn’t have any effect on cholesterol in your blood you’re mistaken. Check out my sources on the bottom of the page.


3. Cancers

Eggs and other animal products (I’m not talking about honey because at this point I know nothing about its effects on human health) raise risks of getting cancers. And it’s not about one cancer but about all the kinds possible. Cancers that are mostly connected to eggs are liver, prostate, anal and colon cancers. The amount of people getting colon cancer keeps raising up. Before it touched mostly men and those older than 50 years old. Now tons of young people get sick, including women. Note that my sister was diagnosed when she was 22 years old, I was 24 when they diagnosed me.

It’s not about cancer but still about health. Eating eggs often cause so-called fish odor coming from mouth or, for example, women’ intimate area.

It was also shown that eating 1 egg a day shortens women’ lives the same way as smoking 5 cigarettes a day for 15 years.


4. Egg is hens’ menstruation

It’s as if we ate women’s eggs… The difference is that we produce them in a little different way and we don’t see them. It’s hard to imagine people eating eggs coming from women even if they were bigger. And they eat hens’ eggs. Hmm.

There was  a lot of cases of people finding embryos or big blood clots after opening eggs. And those white strings you see on the yolk are strings connecting egg shell to the yolk, kind of like our umbilical cord connecting a baby to a placenta.

It’s just gross to me.


5. Animal cruelty

Hens are kept in very small cages, they’re stuffed there together and have no room to move. They pee and poop under themselves which means it all goes down on the hens below. They hurt each other, they get hurt by the cages too and get infections. Small chickens never see their mothers and if males are born then they’re simply minced while being alive. You know, males don’t bring eggs so they’re not needed…

And it’s about so called cage free eggs that a lot of people buy thinking that those hens are happily running around and so on. Unfortunately that’s not the case. USDA decided on this: Producers must demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside. So the producers have to show that the hens have an access to outside. And that’s it. So when a certain farm has 20.000 hens and only one window in one wall that can be open, it’s called an access to the outside. Those hens are kept in the same way and treated the same way as hens from traditional farms.

In the United States itself people eat around 2 million eggs a day which means that hens are genetically manipulated in order to lay eggs. In a natural environment hens lay around 12-14 eggs a year and hens on those farms lay around 200-300 eggs a year. Laying an egg isn’t that easy! It’s an intensive process, tiring, using a lot of energy. Thinking that this egg will just go out with no effect on a hen’s health is wrong. A hen uses 1/10 of calcium from her own body in order to produce just 1 shell. Imagine producing so many eggs… Those hens are exhausted, they have terribly weak bones, they can’t stand on their own legs, have osteoporosis and live in a terrible pain.

Farm hens live around 1,5-2 years, they’re not able to do anything after this time. They’re held upside down and killed. Compare it to hens living in wild – they can live even 20 years.

Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can think that’s treating any animal this way is ok. Some people are so totally blinded by pictures of happy hens running around on the grass which is a total bullshit. They don’t want to realize what eggs are and that they come from hens who barely stand on their own legs, who bleed, feel terrible pain, stress, fear and so on. And they still pay for that which is a direct involvement in animal cruelty…




Like I said, if you’d like do some extensive research about it if what I’m showing you here isn’t enough. It’s good to open eyes.


I’ll talk to you next time,





“How not to die”, Michael Greger, MD