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I wash my hair once every one and a half weeks


A lot of people asked me about how I take care of my hair so when on Instagram I added to my picture that my hair wasn’t washed in 8 days I received a lot of messages about it. Some told me it was impossible because of how nice my hair is. Others said that they have to wash her hair every day and so they’re jealous and others were very interested and asked for more information. There were some who said that I’m just dirty and I should be ashamed :). So I thought I’d write a quick post about it.

I don’t do much, I just wash it once every week and a half and that’s it. My hair doesn’t get oily! I don’t use any conditioner or anything like this, I never changed my hair color, never made it lighter in any way, I don’t use a blowdryer, I don’t strengthen it either… I wash it, brush and let it dry naturally. It happens very rarely now that I go somewhere because of some special occasion but if it happens then I might strengthen or curl it. But I still don’t use any hairspray or anything like this. In the past I used to wash my hair every other day because otherwise it’d get very oily. I used shampoo and conditioner. I very often dried and often straighten it. It happened to me that I used some oils for the ends of my hair because it used to get kind of puffy. So the difference is huge!

Let me explain how I did it.



Popular shampoos full of chemicals remove everything from your hair – all the natural oils. Most of them dry off your hair and that’s why they add conditioners to each shampoo available so that you can moisturize your hair that just got dried up by the shampoo… and so that the producer can make more money. Using a shampoo and a conditioner is replacing what your body would do by itself if it had a chance. It really messes up with a natural way that our bodies work. The more you wash your hair the worse it gets because with each wash you get rid of everything, including all those natural things that are supposed to be there on your hair and head. So how your body reacts is that it produces more and more of it. So by washing your hair everyday you cause your body to produce more oil than if you washed it let’s say every four days. And so then you have this impression that you have to wash it everyday because they get oily. Yes, it goes like this and the cause is washing your hair everyday and using unhealthy shampoos so we have a vicious cycle. So if some suddenly don’t wash their hair for let’s say 3 days or if they’re trying to change the way of taking care of it they often decide to stop because their oil production is stronger and so they think it’s not for them, that it shouldn’t be like this. It goes away but nobody knows how much it’ll take – it depends on each person personally. If you use hairsprays or gel or something you need to remember that natural methods won’t wash it all off, that it’ll stay in your hair. So those natural methods are for those who don’t use those kinds of products and, what’s interesting, the better the hair condition is the smaller the need for using other products is.

What’s important is that it’s not only the matter of products you use but also a diet and your lifestyle. I, after changing my diet to raw, very quickly noticed that my hair went into a better condition. It was always thick and I always had a lot but after I changed my diet it became more shiny, soft, it was easier to get it together the way I wanted, it stopped being frizzy and I simply saw it didn’t need to be washed so often.¬†Some people writing to me said the same thing. I also stopped using chemicals and currently I’m using a shampoo from¬†Truly Organic and I think it’s a pretty nice one (but again – this natural shampoo won’t wash off gels, for example).

If it comes to a lifestyle what’s incredibly important is stress. It has a huge effect on what’s happening with us, not only if it comes to reactions like shaking hands but mostly our health and, what follows, condition of our hair. There are also things like not sleeping well or tiredness. It all goes into one piece.


The more your hair, skin and whole body are healthier the smaller the need for any kind of products is. Starting from skin on your head ending on your toes.


Like I said, at this point I wash my hair once every week and a half, more or less. I use a natural shampoo I mentioned above. After I wash it I rinse with cold water, brush when still wet and let it air dry. We wash April’s hair with just water. In the future I’d like to change it into a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar but I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t really know why. My hair isn’t oily even when I don’t wash it for over week and a half and it’s pretty interesting in my opinion. The same thing with skin on my face – it’s not dry and not oily (I used to have an oily skin before). When I thought I wanted to wash my hair less frequently I started extending the time between washes. So at the beginning it was every other day, then I waited three days, then four and so on. And it happened with no problem which surprised me a little bit. However, I know that in some cases a change like this can take longer especially when someone wants to switch from a shampoo to the mixture I mentioned or just water because it’s possible too. Seriously. Then I recommend being patient. Let me tell you, my hair was getting very oily after my mastectomy which I connect directly to all the drugs they gave me, especially anesthesia. I didn’t start washing it more often, I just waited for my body to cleanse a little bit.


I also need to add because I got questions like this too – what with dust or some other things on my hair that I then put on my pillow. The answer is very simple – I don’t wash my bedding, towels, carpets or any other things in the house daily and dust and other little things get on them all the time. So I don’t wash my hair daily either. I don’t support living in sterile environment, I’d even say I’m against them. Of course I’m not saying I like living in a mess because I don’t but it’s really not worth it to worry about all the possible germs or bacteria because you’ll never ever get rid of everything and even if you made it work it wouldn’t be good for your health. And especially for your children’s health because their immune system is just developing and they need to help it get strong.



It’s not about being different or better than others. It’s about wanting to be healthy and to have a comfortable life. Because it’s cool to wash my hair once every week and a half instead of wasting my time to do it every day or every other day (and I remember washing my hair back in Poland before school when I had to go out of the house in winter in the frost and snow at 6:40 am to make it on time for a bus… brrr, cold, dark, early and I had to get up, wash my hair and dry it!). What’s more, I save money on products for self care and at the same time I do a lot to try to save the environment because using one bottle of shampoo lasts a long time – I don’t throw away too many plastic bottles. And plastic, as you know, stays on our planet and oceans for a long, long time destroying not only plants but also animals. So I think that all of these are pretty good reasons to think about it.



If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment.

I’ll see you next time,





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