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A new home for 9 months


Tons of women after giving birth start wondering what and how to eat to lose all the pounds they gained while pregnant. Special work out programs are created for postpartum. It’s definitely a very important thing for a lot of women, it’s easy to notice, and sometimes I feel sorry for those who feel so bad in their own bodies. By the way, remember that after you give birth you’re in a state which is very important too. It’s good to let yourself rest as much as you can (I mean, as much as it’s possible with a small child – ask for help!) and not force your body to do too much, it has to heal not only outside but inside too.

Then what comes to my mind is a question why so few women really takes care of their healthy eating and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, while getting ready to get pregnant and while trying for a baby? These are incredibly important times in life too! In my opinion getting your body ready for a baby should be inherent with this whole process. Your body is your baby’s home for several months. It’s good to make sure that it’s in as good of a shape as possible before someone lives in it. The same way you treat your house before you post it on sale – you fix things and paint walls. The same way your body should be treated before you get pregnant and later after you do and have a new person in. First cleaning up and then keeping up with a good state as much as possible. And again – not only outside but inside too.

A state of a woman’s body has a large impact on a baby and his health, sometimes on his survival even. What a woman drinks and eats has a big effect on him too and can leave some marks on him for years after he’s born. A lot of people say that a diet has nothing to do with a pregnancy condition and baby’s health (?!) and that it has definitely nothing to do with possible miscarriages. And, unfortunately, the truth is that there’s a direct link between miscarriages and what kind of condition our body is and because of this stillbirths happen.

This is a very important matter which is ignored by many because, quote, “a pregnant woman already is in a lot of stress so it’s better to let her be!” Well, letting her be is one thing but I personally think that it’s worth it to pay attention to this problem and to a different one which is gaining dozens and dozens of pounds “because my unborn baby had cravings”. I realize that I’m pretty firm and serious here but I don’t really see a reason to hide anything and look for sweet words to explain what I mean.

Pregnancy is a unique thing not only for a woman and her partner but also for this little baby inside. I personally don’t find anything funny in photos in which women put food from McDonald’s on their baby bumps and hold a greasy burger in one hand while holding a board with a text saying “baby wanted it at 2 AM so my husband drove and got it for us” in the other one.

I’m not saying to anyone that you should suddenly switch your diet and start eating only fruits or that you have to forget about everything. If you want to eat pizza make it yourself instead of buying frozen ones. If you want some chocolate year it in several parts instead of consuming two bars at ones. And, by the way, I recommend vegan versions ;). And McDonald’s is really this kind of a craving that it’s better to stay away from. I’m not perfect. When Gosia and Dominika came to visit I took them to a vegan restaurant that I really wanted to show them (Cafe Sunflower in Atlanta) and I had a whole plate of fettuccine Alfredo with garlic bread. I felt like eating it, I wanted to try, I ate it and that’s it. However, it’s not a way I eat daily, it’s not food that I’d like to go back to and it’s not something that’s – in my opinion – too healthy either (I repeat – in my opinion, based on how I eat in general). It’s good to remember that there are some limits, that compliance to all the cravings all the time isn’t that good. A different thing is that, all due respect but a BigMac or greasy donut aren’t healthy in any way to anyone, especially while pregnant.


The truth is that nobody knows for sure where all the cravings come from in 100%. Hormones play a role here too but it’s not all. Unfortunately, not everything can be explained by hormones and it’s often an excuse. What’s also important is our habits, our body’s condition, bacteria in our stomach and where our thoughts are. Seriously, thoughts have a big influence here too. If you feel like eating a Big Mac and you start telling yourself that it’s definitely a pregnancy craving and you have to do it or even worse – if you start telling yourself that it’s your baby who’s calling for it, the chances you’ll actually do it are much higher.


I don’t know, I’m writing this because I wanted to share my frustration and draw your attention to this topic which is, in my opinion, a problem already. You can ignore it completely or stop and think a little bit. It’s up to you.


I’ll talk to you next time,



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