Photos from my second labor

A childbirth is one of the most important and most amazing experiences in a woman’s life. I mean… OK, I’ll talk about myself instead of about all the women so let me start over.

A childbirth is one of the most important and unique experiences in my life. I’d even say the most important and the most unique because if I go back in my memory to the rest, what would be even with this one? Arriving in the US? Getting married? Of course it all was amazing and only but I can’t compare these to giving birth to a new human.

This is one of the reasons why I hired a photographer for both of my labors and I already showed you photos from the first time. I really wanted to keep as much as I could. Of course you remember things like this but during labor and delivery there’s so many emotions, feelings and others that there are things you don’t even notice and later you see them in the photos. It’s incredible to see all those emotions in photographs because it’s really possible to feel them by just looking at myself which then lets me experience everything one more time but from the other side. And this other side is something I’m not able to see during the whole thing and which is also very important.

A human body is amazing. It does a good job not only while pregnant when a tiny human grows inside of us but also during labor and delivery when this baby comes to this world. Each woman should be proud of herself and it’d be amazing if each one of them treated their body with respect and love. Because we have just one and look how much it does for us and for our children. What happens with us when we give birth to a baby is amazing and beautiful and there’s nothing about it to be embarrassed about. This isn’t something that should be hidden for all cost and something you shouldn’t talk about. And it doesn’t matter what kind of faces you make, how your hair looks or what you say.

I’m not saying that each woman should have photos and videos taken while giving birth to a child and then post them online. Not what I’m saying at all! I just wanted to say that in my opinion looking at my own body in such an important moment of my life is totally normal and I do get very sad when I read some of your messages in which you share that you wouldn’t be able to look at yourself “in such a state” because “it’s gross”.

You can think that ohhh Aga is analyzing again… But I have to say it. It all starts in our childhood, you know? The more taboo it is to talk about periods, sex, pregnancy and childbirth, the more difficult it is to later talk about it, look at it, look at our own body, not mentioning giving birth to a baby. Fear, stress, certainty that it’ll hurt and very little interest in the topic are very common and the source of it is usually hidden in childhood. Sometimes it might be caused by what happened later during teenage years, by ridiculous, listening that you can get blind when you masturbate or, in worse cases, because of being sexually abused.

Nobody talked to me about those things and I remember being around 9 years old when in some movie I saw a woman giving birth. She was screaming and sweating terribly. I asked: “does it really hurt that much?” And you know what I got in response? Quote: “go to your room, you’re too small for things like this”. Period. In my opinion an answer like this is unacceptable and causes a lot of troubles for a child. Because for a parent is easy – he can avoid uncomfortable topics which is totally irresponsible.

Anyways, I managed to get rid of all of this. Of this feeling that everything is taboo. And I’m very happy about it! It wasn’t easy and I don’t think I’d be so open without my husband’s help, I think it’d still be hard for me to for example answer Alicia’s questions. For me there’s no taboo. There are things I don’t want to talk about in public because I want to keep them for myself, there are things I want to keep between me and my husband or me and my children. Sometimes there are also things that some of my readers and viewers aren’t ready for yet. But in general I have no problem with talking about all kinds of things about pretty much everything and I’m very glad about it. I also don’t have any problem with seeing my body in all kinds of situations and I think that it’s incredibly important because at the end it’s my body in different natural situations. If you don’t want to take photos of yourself while in labor then at least get a hand held mirror just in case you can grab if you feel like it and see your baby being born :).

Seems like my new goal is to normalize a childbirth, such a natural thing. I’m definitely going to go back to it later.



It was a long introduction. I didn’t really plan to write so much but when I started it just went like this, I hope you got my message. So I’d like to show you some photos. By saying “some” I mean that I have many more on my laptop. What I see in them is incredible warmth, love and support coming from my husband and gratitude coming from me. It all was very important for me and like I said already on my Instagram before, sometimes just one touch is all I need.



All the photos were taken by an awesome Meghan Stewart Photography.






Now it’s time to get them all printed and put in my albums :).



I’ll talk to you next time,