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A new version of my blog

Welcome after such a long break! A lot has happened and changed occurred, I made some new decisions, changed a way I wanted to go. This blog is one of the changes and today I’d like to talk about it.

I started writing the Polish version before I left to the USA when I was planning to become an Au Pair. This was the place for me to talk about my experiences from the very beginning. I shared my emotions and feelings that I had while applying for the program and later while preparing to leave. I talked about how it was to be an Au Pair, later about living in America in general. I shared tons of things and the blog was changing with me. When something big happened I talked about it. It gave me a lot to write and have closer contact with you all. I’m extremely thankful for all of you to be here and I know that some of you’ve been with me since the beginning! I’m sending you big hugs.

It’s time for a change

I realized some time ago though that there’s always a point when it’s time to change something, to end something. At some point a thought came to my mind that this blog is one of the things that required a change. I need to admit that writing regularly and sharing my thoughts, experiences and all that didn’t give as much pleasure as before. It often happened to me that I wrote because “I had to” since I didn’t write for a while and I “couldn’t” be so behind. And this doesn’t make sense. As long as I write because I enjoy it it’s all good. But when this changes I don’t feel like it’s a good idea to keep going.

A lot of things changes. Not only in my own life but in my family’s life too. Some of the things changed for good, others not so much but all of them are necessary. I welcome everything with widely opened arms because each of them gives me something.

I’d like to say GOOD-BYE. I’m saying good-bye to the old format of my blog. But I’m saying hello to a new one! New is important too and opens door to something totally different that I want to go with now.

What’s going to happen here

As you surely noticed already I have a new banner and a new, totally refreshed logo! I’m very happy with them and I hope you’ll like them too.

From now on my website will target mainly topics about diets, health and my lifestyle. There will be less private stuff, less sharing but more about things that fascinates me, that I keep learning about.

On the home page you’ll see updates from my social media and different news that I’ve been working on for a while. When you go a little bit down you’ll see a place where you can sign up for my newsletter. If you do it you’ll get an e-mail from me every month with some updates and sometimes you’ll also get surprises and some cool, secret stuff. The page about me doesn’t have 50 facts anymore but instead I wrote something about my story, how I got here where I am. Next there’s a new page called fruitarianism. In this one you can read a short explanation about what it really is. Then there’s a new thing which is a page with recipes where I’m going to post… well, recipes. For now it’s empty but I’m going to add some that I already added before soon and I’ll keep adding more over time. The page with blog is staying but it won’t be the same as before. I’m going to leave posts about health or diet and also the ones that are a little bit more important like one about my labor and delivery or the one in which I told you about the birth of Owen. If any of you would like to contact me, talk, ask something or have a request for collaboration you can still take a look to the contact page. My social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are staying. On Facebook I’m going to add some stuff that I used to add here which is, for example, April’s talks or quick updates about what’s happening with me. The thing is that my Facebook page is in Polish but maybe you can use a build-in browser translator? I’m still growing on YouTube so I’m inviting you to subscribe to keep up. This is the platform where I’m going to be on more often than here. I’m also on RewardingParenting.com which is my website talking about parenting course I offer. There’s an option for online consultations so feel free to sign up! I’m also going to start writing blog out there and they’ll be about parenting struggles so feel free to check it out. All of them will be in English.

Now I’m looking for someone who could make an intro for my YouTube channel using my new banner and logo so if you think you might be this person feel free to contact me – againamerica.info@gmail.com :).

What’s with old posts?!

I’m going to remove all of the posts that are here. I’m going to save each one of them so nothing will disappear! I’m planning to use some of them for ebooks so keep your fingers crossed.

Let’s stay together

I hope that you’ll stay with me here and that you’re curious and excited about the changes. I am! And I’m waiting. We’ll see how things will go but I see everything exactly in my imagination. It’s not always the way we want it to but it doesn’t really have to either. The most important thing is to feel what you do. And I do :).

Thank you for your patience!

Sending hugs and I’ll see you here next time,