How to be more eco-friendly

Recently being “eco-friendly” seems like a hot topic. Something that’s trendy, something that’s cool to talk about and nice to show off. And I’d like to say that it’d be awesome if this was a lifestyle, not only a trendy thing for a moment.

Today I have a few hints for you on how to live closer to nature forever, not only for some time. I myself don’t live in 100% naturally and will never do but for a while now I’ve been trying to keep improving and finding new ways to help not only me but also children because they’ll be on this planet longer than me.

OK, let’s get into it!

Glass bottles

It’s a great idea to start using glass bottles. They’re good for everything – juices, smoothies, water, fruit infused water… There’s a lot of sizes, shapes and they even have different patterns so children will like them too. This way you’ll drastically reduce the use of plastic bottles which will be very helpful. It’s worth it to take bottles like this to restaurants because when you order some fresh juice you can ask them to pour it into your bottles instead of a plastic cup. It’s the same with warm liquids because glass is good for high temperatures as well.

I highly recommend you bottles from UPSTYLE. Each of them comes with a cleaning brush, a bag to keep it in and a special sleeve that protects bottles. It’ll protect you hands too when you don’t want to burn while having something hot inside or you don’t want to be cold when you have ice in your drink. The lid is leak-proof and is made of safe materials that won’t harm your health. They’re made of borosilicate glass, everything is BPA free, they have no scent and are totally non-toxic. Definitely check them out and you’ll get 10% off if you click on the link here.

Glass containers and jars

It’s a very similar thing to the one with bottles. Amazingly easy to do! Such containers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes too so they’re good for a small amount of some sauce and also to the whole papaya cut in pieces. If you don’t have room for the whole container you can also use jars and you don’t even have to buy any special ones. I’m sure you have some at home after something you bought before and they just stayed there. Not worthy to throw away. You can keep nuts in them or seeds, or even put some salad in it to go and take it to your work or school.

Cotton shopping bags

What happens in the States is that in grocery stores your groceries are bagged by workers. Imagine that you buy one bottle of orange juice, two tomatoes, papaya, and nail polish remover. And for 99% I can tell that in most places they’ll bag each thing in a different plastic bag. Just in case. So that nothing spills, nothing gets squished. There are people who put bananas in a plastic bag and then they go into a different one… And look how many you have!

These days it’s extremely easy to buy, for example, cotton bags. They’re in different sizes. So you can use them for taking beans in bulk or anything else, really. Very easy to find.

Don’t throw away old stuff

Each one of us has some clothes that we don’t wear. Especially if it comes to small children because they grow very fast. I never throw away clothes that are in good shape. I give them away to people in need, sell to thrift stores or use them to make something else (like, for example, cutting long legs in jeans to have shorts). There’s always someone who will benefit – you because you’ll make some money, someone else who will buy something for cheaper or someone who will get something for free. And it’s the same with things like plastic containers. Instead of getting rid of them and creating tons of plastic trash again you can come up with a different use for them or give them to someone who will use them.

Bamboo cutlery

Not only are they better for us and the environment but they also look so nice! And here the idea is very similar like above. If you buy something to go instead of taking plastic forks that they usually give you, it’s good to have your own. A great option is the bamboo ones which are available in special cases. Mine comes with a straw and a cleaning brush and I bought it here.

Take it easy

It’s good to remember that we don’t have a 100% influence over everything. Sometimes it happens that we forget something and suddenly it turns out that we don’t have our bamboo cutlery so we need to use plastic ones. The other time we’ll take a plastic cup because we left our glass jar in a car. And that’s OK! Let’s not put so much pressure on ourselves. It’s also good to remember that we sometimes have to buy grape tomatoes if we want them, in a plastic pack and we don’t have any other option. Here there’s no other way, unfortunately, unless you grow your own.

And what are your ideas?

I’ll talk to you next time,