Monomeals – what are they and why are they better?

On my YouTube channel, every once in a while there will be someone telling me that any monodiet isn’t healthy, it doesn’t give me enough of anything, I’ll get sick, I’m ruining my daughter’s health and, on top of it all, it’s just boring. Hold 

on a second. Here’s an example of my day: I’ll drink a smoothie made of bananas, spinach, mango and water for breakfast. My next meal will be a bowl of grapes, or a big jar of fresh orange juice. Next meal- five mangoes or half of a watermelon, and I’ll finish the day with a big bowl of papaya. Is it a monodiet? No. I eat different things throughout the day. I don’t eat only one product all the time. If I only ate mangoes every single day and nothing else – that would be a monodiet. 

So what is a monomeal? A monomeal is a meal that consists of one type of fruit only. That means if you eat a bowl of watermelon for one meal, that’s your monomeal. You can have different kinds of monomeals the same day – later you might have grapes for lunch, and for dinner you might want only nectarines. It’s very simple. It also makes sense and has a lot of benefits to it. 

It’s very important to remember that digestion starts in your mouth. This is where the first signals are read and sent further and this is where your saliva starts digesting food you eat. When you bite into a banana, your body immediately knows what kind of environment your stomach has to have in order to digest this banana so that you feel perfectly satisfied, and you absorb all the nutrients you need without causing any digestive issues at all, even the ones you can’t really feel. That’s why when you eat a meal of bananas, there are no issues whatsoever. Your body exactly knows how to process this food, and you’ll digest it easily without any effort. However, if you eat a meal of bananas and oranges together, it could create some issues because those two fruits don’t go well together. Bananas are sweet fruits, and oranges are acidic (more about food combining in the next part), which means that they need totally different environment in order to be digested well, and to get the highest amount of benefits from eating them. However, this combination is still a million times better than mixing fruits with bread, for example, or eating fruits as a desert after your cooked meal of pasta or pizza. 

Monomeals are the healthiest, most optimal meals you can consume. There’s no need to complicate things, and to listen to media that you have to have five different groups of products on your plate in order to create a healthy meal. Imagine- if the digestion starts happening in your mouth and each fruit needs its own different environment in your stomach, then what happens to your body when you have five different products on the plate, like meat, rice, milk, a piece of bread and a few pieces of fruit? Your body goes crazy because it doesn’t know what to do! It can’t recognize any of this, can’t create this perfect space to digest, has to use a lot of energy and creates a lot of enzymes in order to try to digest it all at the same time. Products like meat or bread will get stuck in your digestive system and won’t move for a long time; some of it will even stay there for years. If you eat those few pieces of fruit as a desert, it’ll be blocked on the way and everything will start rotting inside of you. You’re left with digestive issues, other problems that will show up later in life and being totally deprived of nutrients. This doesn’t sound appealing, does it? 

So imagine how satisfying it is to sit in the summer outside of your house, eating an entire watermelon with a spoon, or sitting inside in the winter with a bunch of bananas or oranges, and making a monomeal of one of those. Mmm, this is what I call a healthy meal. 

Most of my meals are monomeals, but not all of them. I let myself have a smoothie bowl when I’m in a mood for it, and I also sometimes eat raw gourmet meals as well. I always remember not to go overboard with it, but I don’t limit myself just for the sake of following any rules. I listen to my body. If I feel like I want to make a salad, I make a salad- even though it’s not a monomeal. I don’t think it’s crucial to eat this way all the time and I don’t tell anyone they should do so. Why would I, if I don’t do it myself? 


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