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How to prepare for the quarantine?

I need to start by saying that nobody will tell you to lock your houses down and stay inside at all times. Even during a quarantine, you’ll be able to go out to a grocery store, for example. I’m not telling you to not stack on anything and to ignore the issue. No, no. What I’m saying is to keep the common sense. It might be a good idea to get a few (a few! not a 6-month supply) things just in case others buy it all, especially if you have children or you’re elderly. However, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to stack up on anything for a few months in advance, especially if it comes to things that aren’t first-need items.

Remember that to take care of yourself and to make sure that you won’t get sick or that you’ll recover quickly if you do get sick you need to take care of everything from inside. What follows, eating and drinking those things that will strengthen your immune system instead of weakening it and causing inflammation that is caused by, for example, refined sugar, oils (especially vegetable oils), dairy, bread or meat. For example, it’ll be a better idea to drink water instead of coke or to eat chickpeas or vegetables instead of a sandwich. In a grocery store choose vegetable soups, fresh produce, alkaline grains, and chemical-free tomato sauce instead of mac and cheese, pizzas or white bread. Also, remember not to buy items that can spoil quickly. I suppose that, unfortunately, tons of food bought by people recently will be wasted which is a huge shame. OK, now it’s time for my list!

  • Fruits – fresh, frozen, dried, canned (ANY!) including all kinds of squashes – frozen fruits will keep a very long time; if you buy a lot of fresh fruits and you’ll see you won’t be able to eat them all you can freeze them; frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies for example; canned fruits can be added to salads or pizzas or eaten like that but try to buy as few cans as possible because of their aluminum content
    Remember that it’s crucial in situations like this to keep your health on top. Your immune system is very important here and so it’s best to consume products that are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber. All of this will help you boost your immune system and then cleanse any infection you might get. The same goes for veggies and greens which I talk about below.
  • Veggies – fresh, frozen, canned (including potatoes – especially sweet) – don’t buy too many potatoes though because they’ll start sprouting:)
  • Juices – here make sure you get as natural as possible. If you buy apple or grape juices try your best to go for organic. Get juices that don’t have ANY added sugar, ANY added vitamins (they’re synthetic) and also preferably in glass bottles (if you don’t have them in your store or they’re too expensive, plastic is OK too).
  • Nuts and seeds – soak before eating for better digestion and to get rick of toxic compounds
  • Diapers and wipes (here I HIGHLY recommend cloth – check out for example AlvaBaby.com)
  • Snacks like fruit bars (Larabar, available in all grocery stores and online), some ready to eat stuff like wraps (Cocobynuco available online, in Sevananda, some Sprouts locations, and some Whole Foods locations) or seaweed (Seasnax, available in Sprouts, Whole Foods, Sevananda and online) that are easy and fun for kiddos or granola (Larkellenfarm, available in Sprouts, Whole Foods and online), especially if you actually do have kids or plan a long car ride
  • Grains like barley, buckwheat, millet, rye, oats
  • Greens – here I find even 8 lbs packs of spinach or other greens – great for salads, smoothies, juices & to freeze for later
  • Beans like chickpea, kidney beans, lentils, peas
  • Cash!! Don’t depend on cards only – now, I’m not talking about taking all your savings out! I’m talking about paying with your card but having some cash available just in case.
  • Water to drink – I recommend distilled unless you have a good source of spring water
  • If you’re afraid your immune system might not be strong enough and you want some quick help, consider getting supplements like powdered greens (Daily Green Boost), zinc (Vimergy, NOW), selenium, turmeric, vit C & E, herbs (Dr Robert Morse). Sprouts, Sevananda and Whole Foods have a lot of good supplements, Kroger and Publix not so much.
  • Essential oils like lemon, lavender, peppermint, oregano, thyme (Doterra.com)
  • Get SOME toilet paper if you’re low but DON’T PANIC IF YOU RUN OUT, I’m sure you have running water and towels in your home!
  • KEEP CALM! Over 80% of people diagnosed with the coronavirus have mild or very mild symptoms. We WON’T all die! Tons of people have the coronavirus and have no idea about it because their symptoms are so mild! If you’re young without any serious health issues then there’s no reason for you to be afraid. From statistics, it’s clear that it doesn’t affect children either.
  • If you can, HELP OTHERS – especially older ones who are, in fact, at risk. You can offer to do some grocery shopping, for example. People who are sick and therefore have a weak immune system might need some help too. Or moms with children who find it difficult to take them all out to a store full of people fighting over toilet paper. Those people will definitely appreciate your willingness to help even if they decide not to use it.

Please, consider the fact that not everyone can shop in bulk like this. If you buy 20 cans of soup, 20 big jags of water and 10 packs of toilet paper (which I did see happening) someone else will not buy any. Older people often can’t afford to do big grocery shopping trips like this, for example. It’s important to work with each other and support your community. It’s not necessary to buy so much either.

In my next post, I’ll write about what to do to strengthen your immune system and prevent getting sick in case you’re worried and also what to do if you get some symptoms :).

I hope this will help you somehow and maybe even calm you down a little. Remember that media very often exaggerate things. I highly recommend turning off the news.

Take care,

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