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Quarantine more dangerous than COVID-19 itself?

The last data update in this post took place on April 27th.

To fully understand the topic – this post is no attempt to change anyone’s opinion. This is just an informative post in which I want to share some information with you all. There are some materials presented as facts by organizations such as CDC, experts’ opinions, and things we hear every day. I am not an epidemiologist, doctor, or virologist but I rely on their knowledge and experience. All that is included in this text is available to the public so you can find it all easily. They are not hidden, but most of them are also not reported in the mass media, which, unfortunately, only makes the whole society more scared. I’m watching everything from both sides and I’d like to introduce you to the side which you won’t hear about in the mass media news unless you’re watching independent TV – then there’s a better chance. I want to show you all of this from a different perspective, which perhaps will help you to calm down with all that stuff.

The text is so long but I recommend you to read it all. It took me 3 weeks to get it together. I spent a lot of time reading, watching movies, looking for information, and translating. Let’s respect each other’s time – don’t express your opinion before you read everything I’ve written here. Don’t skip the individual phrases just because you already have your point of view. Put it aside for a moment and read the whole content. If you want to share different outlooks, let it be full – include specific information, data, evidence, etc. Don’t just write to me “You’re stupid” because it’s not worth it. Check the sources (there are a lot of them), read articles, watch movies. Some of the articles are in Polish language and I know that most of you reading my English blog don’t speak Polish, but nowadays translate.google.com works really well and you can use this site to translate everything. You have a lot of free time now so it shouldn’t be a problem. Just accept my position, understand it, and then tell me about yours.

I emphasize that I am well aware of how all of this can look for you. For people who have not looked elsewhere. I used to react the same way so understand it perfectly well. So once again – please, put aside your convictions, opinions, and beliefs reading this text. Writing this, I did it too – I put aside my religious and political opinions, and everything else. I’ll give you some facts that you can ignore or grab it and follow – it’s up to you. Personally, I think it is worth having as much information as possible because only then any decision can be made. In this case, the decisions would be simply – “who to believe”. I’ll try to keep my judgment for me, but I can’t promise it at all – sometimes it’s just too hard…

Yes – it’s possible that everything I’m writing here is not true. But it’s also possible that it is. Maybe it’s the media that tells the truth. Or maybe not. What if all what they say isn’t quite true?

Just open yourself to the possibility that it MIGHT be like most people think. It doesn’t have to. But it can be.


What do experts say?
How is death classified – when death caused by COVID-19 is found?
When an epidemiologist changes their mind
Money over life?
Other defects
Psychological effect
Isolation destroys our immunity
People thanks to whom we can shelter-in-place
Are masks and gloves helpful?
Herd immunity
What the media are not telling us?
Questions without answers
What about Poland?
What’s next?
People who have recovered
Something about mass graves
Some words at the end

What do experts say

Let’s start by looking at what experts in their fields say about coronavirus. I stared with this because I think it’s pretty important. After U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech in which he says that he hopes to open the country’s borders before Easter, the media accused him of lying and they kept saying that no, NO EXPERT supports his hope and general opinion on the subject. I leave it to the question of whether it is a good idea or not and focus only on the second part as if nobody agrees with it. But… are you sure?

Below I add just a few quotes from famous and respected people who are known in their field. Let’s take a look.

Knut Wittkowski

  • Veteran of epidemiology
  • Long-term head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at Rockefeller University in New York.

“For all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of people must be in contact with the virus, and most of them do not even recognize that they are infected or that they have very, very mild symptoms, especially if they are children. It is therefore very important that schools are open and that children mix to spread the virus, to obtain herd immunity as soon as possible, and then the elderly, who should be separated and nursing homes should be closed at that time, can come and meet with children and grandchildren about 4 weeks after the extermination of the virus.”

Dr. Stefano Montanari

“I’m convinced that if we started looking for viruses in sixty million Italians, we would probably find it in thirty million, maybe even more. It is just there and it is not doing any harm, like many other viruses. The mortality rate for this virus is negligible, maybe it does not even exist.”

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

  • German pulmonologist
  • Former president of the Council of Europe
  • In 2009 he called for an investigation into alleged conflicts of interest around the EU’s response to the swine flu pandemic

“Politicians listen to scientists… scientists who want to be important to get money for their institutions. Scientists who just swim in the mainstream and want their part. And now this rational way of looking at it is missing. We should ask questions like:
How did you find out this virus is dangerous?
How was it before?
Didn’t we have the same last year?
Is that even new?
It is missing…”

Dr. John Ioannidis

  • Member of the National Medical Academy
  • Professor of Medicine, Research and Health Policy and Biomedical Data Science at the Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Professor of Statistics at the Stanford University School of Humanities and Science
  • Director of the Stanford Prevention Research Center and co-director of the Stanford Meta- Research Innovation Center
  • Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • Former Chair of the Faculty of Hygiene and Epidemiology, School of Medicine at Ioannina University

“Patients tested for SARS-CoV-2 are disproportionate to those with serious symptoms and poor treatment results. As most healthcare systems have limited testing capacity, the selection trend may even worsen in the near future. The only situation in which the entire closed population was tested was the cruise ship Diamond Princess and the quarantine passengers. The case mortality rate was 1%, but it was largely an older population, where COVID-19 mortality is much higher. If we had not known about the new virus and had no checked people with PCR tests, the number of total deaths due to flu-like illness would not seem unusual this year. At best, we could inadvertently notice that the flu this season seems a little worse than average.”

Wojciech Eichelberger

  • Psychotherapist
  • Coach, trainer, business advisor
  • Co-founder and director of the Institute of Psychoimmunology (IPSI) in Warsaw
  • He is working with prevention of the overload and burn-out stress

“Coronavirus is not the cause of pandemic, no matter where it came from. It is not even God’s punishment or the revenge of nature or the reset of the Earth’s ecosystem. In fact, the pandemic has a catastrophic decline in the immune system performance of most of our species, especially those who aren’t teenagers. And let’s not let us believe that this phenomenon is a symptom of a normal population aging process. That is not true. It is too early and it comes too fast to evidenced by data on the general state of people living today. I mean several extremely dangerous creeping pandemic (let’s call them that as opposed to the violent pandemic we are currently experiencing). And these include: cancer, diabetes, insomnia, hypertension, infarction, stroke, obesity, allergies, and other autoimmune diseases, depression, borreliosis, neurological diseases – to name just the most common ones(…) Let’s be honest – for at least 20 years, the human population has been plunged into a growing health crisis.”

Grzegorz Hajdarowicz

  • Political scientist
  • Entrepreneur, film producer, publisher
  • Independence opposition activist in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland
  • Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Malopolska and Silesia

“Many people are controlled by panic, and the rule of most countries is based on populism. They close and limit everything like in some great race. Undoubtedly, they are fascinated by China and do not remember that the modern Middle Kingdom is still a communist and totalitarian country, where are no civil liberties and whose financial data cannot be verified. And not from today on it is known that in communist regimes information does not serve the truth – just propaganda. It is a policy-making system.”

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD

  • Microbiologist
  • Former Professor at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
  • Former Head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
  • One of the most frequently cited scientist in German history

“We fear that 1 million new virus infections will lead to 30 deaths per day in the next 100 days. But we do not realize that 20,30,40 or 100 positive patients on normal coronaviruses already die every day. [Government measures against Covid-19] are grotesque, absurd, and really dangerous. The life expectancy of millions of people is being reduced. The terrifying impact on the global economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences of medical care are enormous. Already now services for patients in need are reduced, surgeries are canceled, practices are empty, the hospital staff is decreasing. All of this will have a profound impact on our entire society. It gives us a collective suicide based on phantoms.

Professor Pietro Vernazza

  • Chief Infectious Disease Doctor, St. Gallen Canton Hospital
  • Noted that about 85% (82-90%) of all infections took place without symptoms

“Based on this new insight, we must also understand that many of the measures we have implemented so massively today may even be counterproductive.”

Dr. Didier Raoult, MD, PhD

  • Director, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit
  • Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Aix-Marseille
  • Classified by ten leading French scientists by Journal, Nature
  • Has more than 2000 scientific publications
  • Has discovered more than 90 new bacteria
  • The first one to discover large viruses

“Actually from all respiratory infections it is probably the easiest to treat. So there is really no reason to get excited. There is really no reason to get excited and hurry to produce a vaccine.”

Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery

  • President of the German Medical Association
  • President of the World Federation of Physicians
  • Claims that blocking measures, as in Italy, are ‘unjustified’ and ‘counterproductive’ and should be reversed

“Italy has imposed a lockdown and have the opposite effect. They quickly reached their capacity limits but did not slow down the spread of the virus as part of the lockdown. The blockade is a measure of political despair.”

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  • Indian-American scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur
  • He has four degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including a Doctorate. in biological engineering and is a Fulbright scholarship holder.

“We need to understand that viruses don’t kill us. What kills us and causes us problems is the immune system, which inappropriately responds to everything that goes to it. Most people do not die through this coronavirus. Looking at other types of flu, for example, is about 100,000 people fell ill with swine flu. 60 million people and about 100 million people have been able to 300,000 died, including 18,000 in the United States. We are surrounded by various viruses. Our body has 38 billion viruses, 60 million bacteria, and 6 million cells. People are just intimidated by these things and don’t quite understand how the immune system works.”

Dr. Matteo Bassetti

  • Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, San Martino Hospital
  • President of an Italian anti-infective therapy company

“I must say that among the 11 people who died, none of them died from the coronavirus. When someone comes to the hospital with a heart attack and dies also having a coronavirus, he did not die of the virus, but a heart attack. (…) You do not need to do anything, do not wear masks, wash your hands – these simple actions should be followed always. (…) 90% of the cases are already sick people. Do you know what scares me? The fact that a much larger problem is common pneumonia here (in Italy), which is at least 45% or even 50% higher than the mortality rate of the coronavirus. I’m not afraid and you’re not afraid either.”

Dr. John Bergman

  • lecturer at the Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles (teaches Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and 4 Chiropractic Techniques: Full Spine (Palmer Method), Thompson, Diversity and Extreme Regulation)
  • has clinics in Huntington Beach, California, and Tijuana, Mexico

“When we talk about any disease, coronavirus, or other flu or whatever, the best defense against any disease will be the immune system. Information from the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine says that critical cases had 49% mortality, and this is because they had many other ailments. There were no deaths for people with mild or even severe symptoms. If someone is 9 years old or less, survival is 100%. From 10 to 19 years – 99.9% chances that everything will be fine. 20 to 49 – 99.7%. As we go up, even people aged 70 to 79 still have 92% survival. This is not about all those infected, but about those who were tested, that is, those who were sick enough to go to the hospital. And we know that a minimum of 85-92% of having a coronavirus doesn’t even go to the doctor because it’s experiencing it as mild flu. Over the age of 80. the survival rate is 85%. So now what, do you want to quarantine everyone? Close all businesses? Collapse the economy? Should we rather focus on the most vulnerable and take care of them? On Monday, March 23, there were 35,224 cases of illness found by using tests that have as much as 80% false lexiconic results. 471 deaths (in the last 3 months) per more than 329 million people. And does it cause the collapse of our economy? In America, an average of 7,708 people dies every day. When do people usually die? In winter – in December, January, February – this is the case every year. (…) Why do we put people at such a risk? How much will the suicide rate increase? How many people with high pressure will get strokes? (Out of stress) How much has anxiety, stress, and depression increased? That’s what kills people. Why isn’t this in the media? Ask yourself this question.”

David Spiegel

  • expert on public risk understanding at the University of Cambridge
  • statistics
  • highly quoted ISI researcher

“A lot of people dying on Covid-19 would have died in a very short time.”

Professor Ian Frazer

  • Co-founder of the HPV vaccine

“Vaccination with SARS resulted in an inflammation of the animals which would not otherwise have existed if the vaccine had not been given.”

Dr. Peter Hotez

  • Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine

“I understand how important it is to speed up the invention of the vaccine, but based on everything I know, it’s not a vaccine that can be done with it.”

Dr. Michael T. Osterholm

  • Director of the Center for Infectious Disease at the University of Minnesota

“COVID-19 will ultimately go away in one of two ways. Either we will develop a vaccine to prevent this, or the virus burns itself when the spread of infection will give the population a stud immunity.”

Researchers, virologists, and physicians such as Dr. Joel Kettner, Dr. John Joannidis, Dr. Yoram Lass, Prof. Hendrik Streeck, Dr. Yanis Roussel, Dr. David Katz, Michael T. Osterholm, Dr. Peter Goetzsche, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Karin Molling, Dr. Andrs Tegnel, Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt, Prof. Eran Bendavid, and others can also add to this list.


“A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data”

Since COVID-19’s first diagnosis in the country, 45,000 people have died of heart disease, 41,000 people have died of cancer, 10,000 of a stroke, 8,300 of Alzheimer’s, 5,800 of diabetes. At the same time, 2,807,806 people died of hunger in the world, 2,061,853 people died of cancer, 1,254,996 people of cigarettes, 422,032 people of HIV/AIDS, 246,250 people of malaria, 122,062 people of flu. During the same period, 46,491 died of COVID-19. Are we worried about an appropriate epidemic/pandemic?

According to data from the 10th of April, only 150 Americans out of 16,697 in total died of COVID-19 without being diagnosed with other existing health problems at the time (they were not diagnosed with anything, which does not mean that they had nothing). In the UK, almost two-thirds of COVID-19 patients who are in critical condition are overweight or obese, and 37% of these overweight or obese patients were under 60 years old. The weight pressing on the chest makes it difficult for muscles to have a deep breath. A weak immune system allows COVID-19 to spread in the lungs and cause pneumonia. These two factors may explain why two-thirds of patients with coronavirus on IOM are obese. What’s more, USA Today reports that 86% of people who died from COVID-19 in New York already had a chronic disease. In Italy, Bloomberg reports that as many as 99% of deaths are people who had a different disease. And the BBC says that in the UK, 90% of those dying are people with chronic diseases. In Italy, as many as 76.1% of those who died by COVID-19 had hypertension! In the United States, nearly half of Americans have blood pressure problems, which means they are more likely to face a variety of problems, including COVID-19. Instead of shutting down the whole world to reduce the number of deaths, it would be enough to lower the frequency of encounters with more vulnerable people, and it is such that such people should be kept in isolation for some time. This is exactly what Knutt Witkowski said: “At the moment we are extending the infectious period in which the virus is located because at the moment it is simply slowly moving through the population.”

Let’s go back to the past, March 19, when China (exactly in Wuhan) reported 3,130 deaths. China is the country with the largest population in the world and has as many as 1,420,000,000 people. The population in Wuhan is 58,500,000. Among all these people with COVID-19, 67,800 people were diagnosed. If we use this number to calculate the mortality rate and assume that infections occur at the same rate as for annual flu, about 11,700,000 people would have COVID-19. This means that the mortality rate in Wuhan is then 0.026%. In the US, this would be about 17,004 deaths from COVID-19, not due to other problems (see the section on the classification of deaths). Official statistics showing the number of deaths in the US on the day I write this part are 39,158, while many of them have not died directly from COVID-19 and other diseases (again: see the section on the classification of deaths). Note that the number of people dying of influenza each year in the fall and winter period is only in the USA from about 20,000 to as many as 61,000 people. Worldwide, this is as many as 646,000 deaths every year. On the CDC website, we read: “In the 2017-2018 season, the rate of pneumonia and flu-related deaths was equal to or higher than the epidemic threshold for 16 consecutive weeks.” Ask yourself why we don’t have quarantine every year and the second, more important question, whether you don’t mind that this quarantine is going to be every year starting this year.

What’s more, between 140,000 and 810,000 people die every year from hospitalizations in the United States. Medical care, more precisely doctors’ mistakes, is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world. And because of other diseases, it is between 9,300,000 and 45,000,000 people. What if we look at other reasons for death? For example, alcoholism kills around 100,000 people a year. 88,000 people in the US and worldwide it is about 100,000 people. 3,000,000 people. Nearly 10,000,000 people die from cancer each year, which equates to about 27,400 people every day.

Sometimes I see answers to such comparisons that “there is no point comparing because you don’t get infected with cancer.” Yes, COVID-19 can spread quickly, but here are questions such as, for example, how it spreads (many people, including virologists, say that it is impossible to simply get infected with the virus because it is not a living organism, so the way of getting infected can actually only be injections, i.e. vaccines). The second question would be whether it is actually such a problem that something can spread quickly if it is something that does not affect most people in the world? Something that most will pass without any problems and many people will not have symptoms at all? Something that the mortality rate is lower than the annual flu, which people also “infect”? (I think it’s worth adding here that most people with flu are those who got flu vaccines, but it’s such a small detail, so it adds in brackets.) A person will not become infected with cancer, but the fact is that more and more people die from cancer, this number is increasing from year to year and this is something that can easily be prevented. Obesity and alcoholism also – it’s even easier. So why don’t we focus on preventing the deaths of millions of people in the world caused by these problems? Someone said that we need to be in quarantine because we need to protect the lives of older people and it is not that the younger ones are more important. Why don’t we look at all those people who die for the above reasons? Aren’t they important? People who may lose and lose their lives because of not COVID-19, but quarantine, are not important? Only older people and those with other diseases that are at risk are important, which, in most cases, would have died in a very short time anyway? What about, for example, children who have nothing to eat through the quarantine? Or who, like my friend’s two children, lost their home? Aren’t they important? These are just questions that might be worth considering.

On April 13, statistics in Ohio were as follows: 6,518 confirmed cases, 248 deaths, 1,948 hospitalizations, 595 people on IOM and 4,570 people who were at home. Very few people everywhere give a number showing how many people have completely recovered and are doing well. And it’s a pity because there are definitely more of them. For now, there are 824,905 recovered.

The population of Italy is over 60 million people and it is an aging population. About 600,000 people die each year in Italy. In 2017, 49.8%, or almost half of all deaths, are deaths caused by inflammation of the lower respiratory tract. That is 22, 5,000 deaths each month spread over the whole year! Is this normal? In Italy, about 34,000 people were vaccinated as part of a national promotion at the end of 2019, at the place where most COVID-19 cases occur. In addition, medical care in Italy is the worst in Europe, at the same time the population is the oldest in Europe. Also, as I already mentioned, a lot of people die of lower respiratory diseases every year.

In 2017, 17,000 people died of pneumonia in Poland, two to three times more than in previous years. 7,000 more than in 2000, 10,000 more than in 1990. In 2018, 30 people died of pneumonia each day. Why were we not so afraid of “high mortality” then? 

What about ordinary flu in Spain in 2019? Almost 800,000 cases, of which 52,000 were hospitalizations and 15,000 people died. Nobody talked about it and nobody locked us in our homes. 

In Sweden and Belarus, there are still no restrictions and they do not follow other countries, they do not have a quarantine. And so far they don’t have many illnesses and deaths that they could “boast about”. States that did not close, such as New York, quite the opposite, they still don’t have a very high number of cases and deaths

Information is appearing more and more often (which I will also talk about later). We see that people who have antibodies to COVID-19 (that is, they had this virus) are in a much larger amount than we thought at first. And this is good news because it means that this virus is much less dangerous and much less deadly than people think despite the fact that even with earlier data it was known that this is not something that most should be afraid of. For example, in one of the German cities, it turned out that 14% of people living there are immune to COVID-19, and at first they thought that only 1 to 2% of people there were infected. And all this, as I have already written, is being confirmed more and more throughout the United States. For example, in Santa Clara County, it was found that the coronavirus had 50 to 85 times more people than initially thought. And remember, this is not about 85 people and 85 TIMES more people. At first, they thought it was ok. 1,000 people and 60 of them died, so it gave them a death rate of 6%, which can be frightening. However, it now appears that there are 50,000 to 85,000 people with coronavirus in this county, so 60 dead are no longer so scary because I quote: “Based on their results, Stanford researchers estimated mortality in Santa Clara County from 0, 12% to 0.2%.” And the annual mortality rate of influenza (which always mutates and is different than a year ago – just a quick reminder) is approx. 0.1%. Here is another report on this topic elsewhere, where out of 200 random people 1/3 already had this coronavirus. Another research showed that where there were 446 confirmed cases, the real number could even be over 100,000. In Boston, in one of the homeless shelters, they examine everyone and among 397 people staying there, as many as 146 were positive and none of them had any symptoms. There is one more study that I mention in this post elsewhere, but I will add here. In Los Angeles, they also examined random people in a place where they had less than 8,000 confirmed cases, of which 500 died, resulting in a mortality rate of as much as 6.25%, a very high number. In fact, tests have shown that between 221,000 and 442,000 people in Los Angeles County already had a coronavirus.”The USC and the Los Angeles County Public Health Department published a preliminary joint study on Monday suggesting that new coronavirus infections are more widespread. This means that the mortality rate is much lower in LA than previously thought. “This reduces mortality between 0.11% and 0.22%, NOT 6.25%, as initially thought. These numbers may scare some, but this is good information! Good, because, as I wrote, it means that the mortality rate and serious cases are much lower. The more cases, the lower the mortality rate decreases. 

A month ago, they tested 140,000 on COVID-19 in South Korea, had 6,000 patients at that time and had a death rate of just 0.6%. This is due to the number of people tested. The more tests, the lower the death rate. Until we test ALL, we can’t know exactly how high mortality is.

Sweden is extremely neglected by the media, and if you talk about it in a very negative way. Georgia Governor has succumbed to pressure and pressure from other states announcing the so-called shelter-in-place on April 14. Later it was extended until the end of April, and at the time when President Trump gave governors a free hand to make decisions based on not the model, but the data, he decided to start opening the state on Friday, April 24. It was the same with Great Britain – they also succumbed to pressure and there were even threats to the government! On the other hand, Sweden, along with Belarus, are going their own way and are not closing countries. Does this mean they have millions of deaths there? When we look at the available statistics, it turns out that not at all. You can compare Sweden to Belgium because they are similar in terms of population and are in the same climate. In Belgium, the exit ban began on March 18. The population of this country is 11.5 million citizens. Confirmed COVID-19 cases – 29.600, deaths – 3.600. And Sweden? Population – 10.5 million citizens. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 – 10,500. Deaths – 899. 

Here it should also be added that among infected people with no symptoms tests confirming these infections results showed false positive in 80.33%!

Sources for this part:

How is death classified – when is death by COVID-19 found?

“If you have been in a hospice and have been given a few weeks to live, and have also been found to have COVID-19, this is counted as COVID-19 death. That is, technically speaking, even if you died of a clear alternative cause, but at the same time you had COVID-19, you are still listed as COVID-19 death. Whenever someone is listed as COVID-19’s death, this does not mean that COVID-19 was the cause of death, but that the person had COVID-19 at the time of death.” 

As we already know, the vast majority of people “dying of coronavirus”, have other, serious health problems. In Italy, that’s 99% of deaths. So how do you classify such death? When do doctors say the cause of death was this kind of coronavirus? The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has issued a special order with instructions on how to confirm death from Covid-19. We can read there exactly: 

“It should be noted that coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 must be reported on the death certificate for all deceased persons in whom the disease has caused or is suspected to have caused or contributed to death.” 

source: CDC. Gov

The most important word here is “suspected”. So if someone dies in hospital and his tests (80% giving a false positive – just a reminder) have not come back yet or have not even been tested yet, and the doctor suspects that the person may have coronavirus (because e. g. he has a cough) then he has every right (even a recommendation) to enter “COVID-19″ as the cause of death. And in winter, as I have already written, there are the most deaths and a lot of people have symptoms like coughing, rhinitis, and a generally bad mood. Moreover, if the death certificate is written that COVID-19 is a “possible” cause of death, it does not matter at this point that someone was just guessing and had no idea whether the person really had COVID-19 or not. CDC also says there that NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) will not check anything. No one will, therefore, suffer any consequences in the event of a possible mistake or deliberate falsification of the death certificate in order to raise statistics, which happens quite often.

To put it simply, I’ll say it again because I want you to really read it – even if the deceased patient didn’t have a test done and it’s not known if he had a COVID-19 or not, just type COVID-19 as the cause of death and don’t worry, no one will check it anyway.

More and more doctors go out and share this information. For example, a Minnesota Governor and medical doctor Scott Jensen said in an interview with Fox4 that he received a 7-page document from the Minnesota Department of Health to fill out a death certificate stating that the cause of death was COVID-19 regardless of whether the person died from COVID-19 or not. So the question is how many people actually died because of COVID-19, and how many deaths were caused by something completely different? And why aren’t the media talking about it?

Deborah Birx, one of President Trump’s anti-COVID-19 staff members said: “Let’s say someone is sick, has an existing disease, and let’s say COVID-19 was the reason he was in ICU and he already had a heart or liver problem, some countries report it as death from a heart or liver problem and not as death from COVID-19. We (in the USA) report such cases when someone dies and has COVID-19 as a COVID-19 death regardless of what other ailments the person has had.”

In my town, there was a case of a woman who died, and the coroner, establishing the cause of death, said: “unknown”. On the other hand, in the local news, they said that she died on COVID-19, which was absolutely not confirmed by anyone.

A nurse with 20 years of experience working in one of New York’s hospitals said she had three deaths from bronchitis and pneumonia in one day. When she returned to work the next day, the causes of death in the patient records were changed to COVID-19.

Now, in some places in the USA, COVID-19 is diagnosed by… phone or video call. One person said: “My sister just called me and said that her sister was just diagnosed with COVID-19. She was worried because she had asthma, so she called the doctor asking where she could be tested. The doctor asked about the symptoms she shared and as they looked like COVID-19 symptoms, the doctor diagnosed her with COVID-19. . . on the phone!”. Another woman commented on this post saying that she called the nurse telling her symptoms and asking about her next steps. In response, she heard she has COVID-19. She got a prescription for an inhaler and they said she should rest. So she jumped into the statistics as a confirmed case. (By the way, this woman had the flu twice in the previous year, and before she fell ill with the flu she took a flu vaccine).

Another woman said: “Yes, it happened to a person I know. He had no fever, no cough, no problem breathing, no problem digesting. His symptoms were pain and burning in his leg and slight dizziness. He called the nurse and heard he had a COVID-19. You can’t just come up with that.” And one more example: “Yes, my friend’s brother and his wife were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the phone call because the test did not detect the flu virus! These statistics are just not right.” My colleague wrote me a message saying that her boss’s uncle was hospitalized after a stroke in an agonal state. He died, and they’ve entered COVID-19 as the cause of death. Another colleague works in one of the largest hospitals in Georgia. Normally she was at work 6 days a week, and for some time I’ve seen her car every day at home. I finally asked what’s up, why she’s not working. As an answer, I heard that they need less staff at work with COVID-19 and sent many people on mandatory leave. And apparently hospitals are overloaded and need so many people to work…

One article says: “Dr. Kary Mullis, the creator of the PCR tests for COVID-19, said that his tests can be used for laboratory and research work, but not to diagnose coronavirus in humans. They are not intended for medical purposes, and yet they are used in medicine – so much for the credibility of medicine. And why? Because they examine too little of the genome. The test doesn’t look for the whole virus, but only a small piece of its DNA. Interestingly, this warning is even on the packaging of these tests.” 

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When an epidemiologist changes his mind

Mistakes are natural, anyone can make a mistake. But when it comes to such serious matters as a pandemic, mistakes can cost ordinary people (us) a lot. This is about the man named Neil Ferguson, who predicted at the very beginning that 2. 2 million people in the United States would die because of coronavirus, and 500,000 in the United Kingdom if no action is taken. Later, after only ONE day of quarantine in the UK, when it is clear that such a short time as one day cannot give any change, he changed his prediction to just “20 thousand or less”, half of these would be people who: “would have died before the end of the year anyway because they were old and sick” (those are exactly his words). A few days later his predictions changed again and reached only 5,700. When it’s all over, he’ll say he was right because he predicted it. Any of us could predict the same thing if we changed numbers as dynamically as Mr. Ferguson.

Very recently, on April 8th, an article appeared about the fact that the creators of the IHME Model, the model on which the White House based their information on all the time, also changed their forecasts and reduced everything from the first 100,000 – 200,000 deaths to 30,000 to 120,000 deaths. Between 30 and 120 thousand, there is a huge discrepancy.

In fact, not the epidemiologist, but the Polish Minister of Health, Mr. Łukasz Szumowski, not long ago loudly, clearly and publicly announced that any masks do not work. He said they were not protective, unnecessary, and he didn’t know why people wear them. Shortly afterward he announced that from April 16th all Poles must wear masks every time they leave home. I hope you’re asking why. I’ll come back to that in this post. And here’s a fan fact! An article appeared on nczas.com website saying that the company OncoArendi Therapeutics, managed by Marcin Szumowski, brother of the Minister of Health, received a government subsidy of 22 million Polish zlotys (5,325,870 USD) at the beginning of March. wRealu24 informs that there is also information that this company will be involved in the invention of a drug for COVID-19 (and, by the way, there are products that help, including a drug that has been used for more than 70 years contrary to what the media say), but it is only such “signaling”, as Mr. Lukasz said. We’ll see how it will be in the future. I’m not making any theories here. I’m just giving you facts that either means something to you or not.

Additionally, it is an important lesson for all of us not to trust anyone who is called “an expert”.

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Money over life?

“We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem.”
– Donald Trump 

There is no place in this post for political skirmishes and arguing whether or not the US President is right in what he says. The above quote is his opinion, which I think we should pay attention to. Because it can be interpreted differently depending on whether we agree with it or not. I don’t know what he meant by that sentence exactly, but I can analyze the situation a little.

Two weeks ago, 6.6 million people in the USA applied for unemployment benefit(these are people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic) This gives more than 10 million Americans in just two weeks. That was two weeks ago, at this point, there are already more than 16 million unemployed people in the USA and they are increasing every day. Editing this text a few days later is already over 20 million! What number will it be when this post is published?

Next to the shops, you can see people asking for money for food or diapers for children because parents have lost their jobs and do not have enough money. On some Facebook groups for mothers, there are posts from women asking for help for the same reason. One of the grocery stores in Atlanta (not a chain of stores) is asking for donations from customers so that they can support their employees during this time. Literally a few days ago I met a woman, a mother of two children, asking me not for money, but for food for her little ones. I’m talking about it in this video.

Dr. Topy Rogers, a political economist, has done his analysis of this problem. He said that there are data for as long as 50 years, which is quite reliable information that shows what happens when unemployment increases. To quote his exact words: “When unemployment increases, many people die”. According to the data, when unemployment rises by only 1%, about 36 thousand people die as a result of this unemployment. About half of these deaths are heart attacks (caused by e. g. The rest is a mix of so-called desperate deaths, i. e. increased alcoholism, more suicides, killings. Many more people go to psychiatric hospitals. There are about 42 reports on the subject and each of them shows the same. It turned out that unemployment increases the death rate by 66%. Today, because there are more people in the USA than when the test came out with 36,000 people, we can talk about more than 58,000 deaths due to unemployment, deaths due to despair. Unemployment, in this case, is caused by quarantine. It is estimated that unemployment in the USA could reach up to 30%. And since the increase in unemployment by only 1% equals the increase in deaths by approx. 58,000 Americans, how many Americans would die when unemployment rises to 30%?

The New York Times reports that in New York as many as 40% of the tenants did not pay rent on 31 March, and today it is 25 April. Many people may not be able to pay back the loan for the house for some time (which has to be paid back in full later), but this also has its limits. One article on the subject reads: ”In general, a mortgage company can withstand when several borrowers fail to pay, but the extent of the coronavirus pandemic has triggered industry estimates that 25 to 50 percent of borrowers are unable to pay”. Recently, someone asked me about you. Why don’t the kids have something to eat, what with the help of the state? Help from the state is one thing and some people really get it. But not all of them, for different reasons. It should also be remembered that “the state” has no endless funds. In reference to NBC News, almost half of the states have no funds to pay unemployment benefits. During the writing of this post, the number of unemployed people became higher every day. Howard Gleckman, a senior employee at the Tax Policy Center, said that no one is prepared for the 10 million people applying for benefits, and a week ago there were already 20 million. At this point, The Federal Reserve System estimates that up to 47 million Americans will lose their jobs, which means that unemployment will rise to 32%. And the highest unemployment rate in the USA ever recorded was 24. 9% in 1933. 

In the USA, every year a survey is conducted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, which presents the general financial situation of citizens. A year ago it turned out that 49% of the Americans asked would have trouble covering an unexpected expense of $400 because they live from payday to payday. In Poland, according to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), in 2019 each of the citizens had on average about 1. 5 million people. 4,000 zloty of debt.

Some of us have a problem with others looking at the political situation instead of focusing on the COVID-19 itself but forgetting that some of us already have nothing to put in the pot and others will be in this situation soon. People will start starving, including children of course. They will have no money to pay for the apartment or the house. In Peru, for example, more and more people are living on the street, as I will mention later in this post. This causes a great deal of stress and despair, which will cause thefts, burglaries, beatings, and other such problems very soon. In southern Italy, this is already happening and the father of the three children said clearly: “f I don’t have anything to give the children to eat, I’ll steal it”. There will be no choice. Imagine that about a week ago, when I was in Atlanta, I came to the pet store to use the toilet. It turned out that the bathrooms were closed, but not by fear of being infected with the virus, but because. . . people stole toilet paper and soap. So imagine what will happen when more and more people have less and less food until they finally run out. If they steal toilet paper, which is not necessary for life, what will happen if they start losing their homes?

According to Toby Rogers, in about a week or so, millions of Americans will use all their money. There will also be a huge number of people in Poland (That’s a sentence I wrote two weeks ago. )

It should be noted that positions such as all those working for the government, all politicians and their secretaries and secretaries, police officers, the military, officials, doctors, or many journalists are safe. They don’t have to worry about unemployment and lack of food for children. They’ll work more, earn more. We, the ordinary people who are below those important people who do what they want and how they want to do it, manipulate and ban any consideration of what will happen to the citizens, have to worry. Not to mention waiters, bartenders, florists and any other smaller works like those that already exist in a huge number of cases, and will be even worse (OK, I put some of my opinions in here, but I couldn’t.) 

One reader wrote an article about a “more dangerous problem than coronavirus.” He says: “I think that for this reason we should rather stop for a moment and think about what we are doing, what we should do, think about the consequences of our actions in the long than weekly perspective. I have the impression that instead, general panic dictates the direction of the next steps and we are moving in a disastrous direction.”

On the fanpage We Love on Facebook we read: “More and more Peruvians live on the street because by freezing the economy five weeks ago they stopped making money and lost their roof over their heads. More and more of them are starving because they no longer have money for food and do not get any help from the state. Some, despite the ban on movement, want to get to families in other parts of the country, but central and local authorities are unable to arrange transport and necessary quarantine in a fast and civilized way. This is a humanitarian catastrophe, or is it just the beginning of it?”

“The ONZ estimates that COVID-19 could cause 130 million deaths from hunger due to the pandemic of the global economic crisis.”Compared to the death at this point, 177,000 people (the vast majority of whom are older people who already had other diseases + deaths that had nothing to do with COVID-19, but so have been tagged) is a huge number. the report reads: “These quarantine deaths will reverse the last 2-3 years of progress in reducing infant mortality within one year.”

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Other bad effects

“The coronavirus will come and go. But the government will NEVER forget how easy it was to take control of your life. Controlling everything from sports competitions, to other events, schools, restaurants, churches. And even whether it allows you to leave the house.
Read it again.”

The article says that for some, a house is a safe place, but it can also be a dangerous place, for example, children who are abused by their parents. Children at this time are at increased risk of psychological, physical abuse, including sexual harassment and rape. Scott Berkowitz, president of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, revealed that he noticed a rise in reports of sexual abuse from children in March, the month when most of the sites announced the so-called “sexual abuse” report. shelter-in-place, which is a recommendation to sit in the house. In the first two weeks of closure in Spain, there was an 18% increase in phones on domestic violence, and in Singapore, it was 30%. We should remember that about 50% of cases of domestic violence are never reported under normal conditions, so their amount during quarantine can be frightening.

Dan Bongino shared on his Facebook that “I just found out that my colleague, whom I knew from the estate, hanged himself after he was fired from his job.” Another person commented: “A 16-year-old from my county hanged herself after she was stuck at home with her family, who abused her through quarantine. There were already three suicides and 0 deaths from COVID-19 in this county.”

There are also stories like this: “I am a nurse who has been fired from work by a lack of patients. A pandemic that does not require nurses at a time when there are generally not enough of them! Something stinks here!” My friend worked in one of the largest hospitals in my state and spent 6 days a week at work. I’ve always seen her car in the parking for some time, so I finally asked what’s going on, why she’s not working anymore. She said she was sent on a compulsory holiday like many others because “nothing happens through a pandemic and they don’t even need half of their employees.” I repeat it again, just in case.

Another thing we can read about in this article is the problem with food waste. Perfectly good tomatoes or zucchini and many others are left in the fields and spoil in the hot sun in Florida because farmers can not sell them where they did before (schools, amusement parks, restaurants, etc…) First, a lot of good food is wasted, which we could feed the hungry (there are a lot of them), and secondly, farmers do not earn. And 9,000,000 people worldwide die every year. More than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis put together.

If we look at the definition of the word quarantine, it is “forced, periodic seclusion of people, animals, goods, etc., arrived or imported from places affected by an epidemic”. Quarantine is not to close all people in the country even when they are not sick and have not traveled anywhere. What should we call this what is happening now? House arrest? One of the people I know said something I agree with: “Quarantined by the virus, when most cases are asymptomatic,is a crazy idea. If you have reduced immunity, let’s quarantine. If you’re looking for information about flu and flu-like diseases on the CDC website, you can quarantine each year. If you think we should be locked up by this, we’re not on the same team.”

Do you know that in some hospitals in the USA mothers are isolated from children IMMEDIATELY after birth? Children are picked up and kept separately “just in case”. This behavior is inhumane, and here I can not stop myself from throwing my opinion because this is something that destroys not only mental health and consequently the physical health of the mother, but also the newborn child.

In this article, one doctor commented on what he needs to do to enter the ward at all and help anyone. He said: “Before you can dress up and put on two pairs of gloves, the patient will be dead. We will encode dead people. It’s a nightmare.”In this article, we also read an explanation for this situation: “Before he went inside, he had to put on a face shield, an N95 mask, and other equipment, and use antibacterial foam on his bald head because the hospital no longer had any headgear. Only one air purifier-powered ventilator or PAPR was available in the room and others nearby, which could be used during the invasive procedure – but it was 150 feet away. Although he said his hospital’s policies still require a full response to patients whose heart or breath stopped, he feared that any effort would be difficult, if not futile.”

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Psychological effect

That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn’t even any rioting in the streets. People stayed home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn’t even an enemy you could put your finger on.”
Margaret Atwood, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

We already have a situation of increased fear, stress, and great attention to the smallest details, which causes even more nerves. People report to each other, they are afraid to approach each other, they are afraid to say “hello”, avoid eye contact. We are taught to be afraid of our neighbors, and many people have taken it very much to heart. At the same time, we are also convinced that all the actions of the government are right and will certainly help them and their power to be afraid of us. After the pandemic, society will not get rid of all this unfortunately and nothing will ever return to normality again.

People are already afraid of each other. They turn their eyes off each other, they are afraid to say hello in any way and report each other. When we got information that my condition would start opening earlier than planned, citizens and residents split into two groups. Some people are happy, because, for example, they can save their business, the lives of their children or they just had enough of it. The second group is people who say it’s not a good idea because they’re afraid to go outside, that’s too early. Those who are in the latter group will always be afraid. Whether everything will start opening on April 24, May 5, or July 29 – they will always be afraid. The more fear, the weaker the immune system, and the greater the susceptibility to information (read: manipulations). People will stop trusting each other and will fly more and more for what they say in the media.

Experts agree by talking about the fact that some of the effects of such quarantine will be thefts, burglaries, brawls, etc. Do you know that in the first 2 weeks in the US, the number of weapons sold increased significantly? We should also remember that there are more and more cases, such as depression.

Georgia’s governor said he sees a huge negative impact of quarantine on the health of citizens and residents in the state.

We should also mention here something about children who do not understand what is happening. And you can explain it to them in many ways, but young children will continue to ask “why is the playground closed?” or “why can’t I go outside to play with a friend?” or “why are so many people obscure their faces?” Children need contact with other children and such changes can work badly on them when it comes to mental and physical well-being. Firstly, their entire routine changes, and secondly, children begin to live in fear and uncertainty (especially when they have to wear masks), which has negative effects in every aspect of their lives and will have negative effects in the future.

People are very much arguing with each other. If someone writes their opinion, which is different from the official recommendations, they immediately get hate. He is challenged, ridiculed, instructed. Yesterday I wrote about the WHO’s order to wear masks. (I mention this in this post too) I wrote that an asymptomatic person should not wear them, and I’m not going to wear any masks. As the response, I read that I was stupid, I say false information (and just go to the WHO website), and “let god care for me.” Such reactions are very common as comments like: “Have you heard about the idiots from Florida going to the beaches because their stupid governor reopened them? We will need a larger mass graves.” In this post, I also talk about these “mass graves”, which are NOT what the media are telling us. People have lost all their respect for others and instead of understanding their conduct, opinions etc…, they offend other people. And, as it goes on, it will be even worse.

Isolation destroys our immunity

“If we didn’t do anything with the coronavirus, we wouldn’t even notice it. Szumowski should be released and brought to the Court of State for treason – for exposing the public to enormous stress, and the Polish economy to a complete collapse. “
– Dr. Fleszar

How our immune system works is very important for any diseases, ailments, bacteria, virus growth, and possible presence and the impact of any foreign matter in our body. As it was said above, it is not coronavirus that is the reason for the pandemic and the immune systems of people that unfortunately do not work. The immune system consists of organs, cells, and chemicals. The key lymphatic organs of the immune system are thymus and bone marrow, as well as secondary lymphoid tissues including spleen, tonsils (do not remove children’s tonsils!!!!), lymph vessels, lymph nodes, skin, and liver. This means that everything affects our immune system, but the biggest problems are the wrong diet consisting of highly processed products, full of refined sugar, meat, dairy products, various stimulants, chemicals (cosmetics, air poisoning), deficiency of such ingredients as vitamins C, E, A, D and zinc or iodine, as well as stress, fear, anger (so-called stress hormones that greatly reduce the immunity of the body). All this has a negative impact on the operation of our natural defense. We should not forget that people with problems such as, for example, diabetes or cancer have very reduced immunity. The same with people who are during or after chemotherapy or have just ended antibiotic therapy.

When we are locked in houses, we do not go out to fresh air, we move less, so our cells do not get enough oxygen, we do not have contact with the sun (the lack of vitamin D3 that our body produces), we become frustrated, angry, bored, stressed, lonely, we miss, we worry, we are afraid. All this has a very negative effect on the immune system.As a result, when they finally allow us to go out and get back to work, school and normal daily activities, unfortunately in a moment will come again some pandemic, because people’s immune systems will be in a worse state than before. This topic was raised by Dr. Shiva in this interview.

Some time ago there was an article saying that immunologists from the Polish Academy of Sciences recommend a plant diet for a pandemic time to increase immunity. The article says: “Scientists encourage the transition to a plant-based diet and, in particular, to avoid the consumption of raw meat and milk.”Here I have to give my opinion – if they think such a diet is good for raising immunity and will help protect yourself from serious problems, like those that arise for people with poor immunity, why do people simply not eat like this every day? I’m also curious about how many people listening to scientists will follow this advice!

Human is a stud animal. We are created to have a family, a community, to be among the people. In countries where, in general, families are together and where adult children do not leave the house right away (e.g. Costa Rica or Mexico) people are happier. They may have less if we talk about money and other material goods, but they have each other and that gives them what they need. Isolating people from each other destroys all this. Telling them to be 2 meters apart always destroys our natural rhythm. It also negatively affects our immune system. Imagine a newborn. Such a tiny child, just after birth, needs closeness to mom. When this is not there, there is stress, the child cries more often, is restless, etc. Its resistance goes down and is more vulnerable to other problems. The same thing happens to adults.

In this article, I read the phrase, which nowadays is very true. “The essence of these posts (urging others to stay at home – my footnote) is that if you don’t think a lock is a good idea, you’re immoral and you don’t value life. (…)As long as you have a population of people who have never been infected, the virus will spread.” Justin Lessler of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health estimates that 60-70% of people will get sick on COVID-19, but says this can happen in a few months or even three years.” The same article also says: “(Justin Lessler says that) two options are to get herd immunity as soon as possible. Or keep the blockades for 12-18 months until the vaccine is available. (Remembering that vaccines don’t necessarily cure the disease, that’s why flu kills hundreds of thousands a year.”

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People thanks to whom we can shelter-in-place

“I read some posts for and against reopening the country. One talked about being selfish, which made me think. There are those who want to reopen but are shown as selfish. There are those who rely on other people who help them when they are terrified in their homes. Is it not selfish either?
You want someone to take your rubbish, you want the store to be open so that you can buy milk, you want drivers to bring products to the shops, you want everyone to keep their supplies in stores. You want Amazon to keep working so you can shop from your home. You want the driver to leave you a package under the house. You want your phone to work, that your current is turned on and that postman will give you letters when there is snow or when the sun is shining. And most importantly, you want doctors and nurses to be when you need them, although many of them across the country have been released because their units and services have been closed when the whole system focuses only on COVID-19.
The whole system of refuge on the site is based on the arrogant idea that others must risk their health so that you can protect yours. There is nothing good at ignoring a largely invisible army so that people can take refuge.
I know that some of you are very outraged and begin to defend themselves through what I have written here, but stop and really think about what allows you to stay safe at home. I strongly believe that with common sense I can easily return to life as it was. I want to go to a restaurant, I want to go shopping in a small shop right on the road. And yes, I could catch COVID-19. I could also catch the flu or cold. I could have been hit by a bus. I could be struck by lightning. We take risks every day. If you decide to stay at home, this is absolutely your choice. And please don’t start screaming at me. Why are you worried? You won’t get COVID because you stay at home. Are you going to take refuge on the spot every time you get a new type of flu (that is, every year – my note)? Our economy will not withstand much more. If our economy collapses, the rest of the world also. If this happens, you will see an increase in tyrants. I absolutely don’t want people to die … because of COVID-19 or anything else. I want people to live. But shelter on the site is not life.”

When I read it, I realized that I didn’t think about it all in this way. In the past, people were more self-sufficient than they are now. More people had their own food in the garden, mothers sewed clothes for children by their own hands, and grandmothers did not rely on doctors and drugs, but made different herbs themselves, etc. And more examples can be given. And nowadays it looks a little different, unfortunately, and everything suddenly becomes much more difficult in this type of situation than it should be, if this situation at all had specific grounds.

Imagine life without couriers. I’ve read so many statements that people now rely on Amazon or home deliveries. What if these people started to hide in their homes too and there would be no supplies? What if there was a weight problem in your home and shops with home articles would be closed and plumbers would be in their homes? People are furious that there are sometimes no certain things in stores, but what if the shops were closed because employees would start to hide in their homes? In my city, many of the biggest stores have recently hired a lot of new people to do what we need. What if no one wanted to work? Why are your health and life more important than all those people who work for you? Why do you hide in your homes and be outraged when there are plans to open everything, “because it’s dangerous,” while wanting all these people to go out every day to help you?

And here, by the way, you have a short article about Mexicans who continue to work day and night to make people, for example, in the USA or even in Poland, where food from Mexico also arrives, they had something to eat while smaller local farmers are forced to crash their food because now they do not have too many opportunities to sell them (I also talked about it in this post). “People who put food on our table can’t work from home. Because most Americans “protect themselves on the spot,” farmers go to farmland, in rain or sun, for 12 hours a day, making us make up our food shelves and put food on the table.”

Are masks and gloves helpful

Suddenly, the whole world went crazy for masks and gloves. People wear them everywhere. They put on in the morning, take off in the evening. At work, in the store, even in the park! We should look at it and ask ourselves, are they really so helpful and should we be forced to wear them?

Coronavirus does not penetrate the human body through the hands, and our skin is better protection against infections (including viruses) than any gloves. Even if it could be infected with the virus from another person, then, referring to other experts, we would have to deal with roads such as the mouth, nose, or eyes, not hands. People touch their faces very often and it is unconscious. So the gloves will not help in anything, because if the virus stays on them and someone touches their face … We know the virus gets on your face. Gloves give people a false sense of security, so they can start touching more things thinking they’re safe.

If we’re talking about masks then, they’re not somehow very effective saying it in a nice and gentle way. Prof. WłodzimierzGut, virologist, an adviser to the Chief Sanitary Inspector says: “I laughed when I read that the mask is assumed so that asymptomatic person who is sick does not infect someone else. At this point, I start having fun, because if asymptomatic, it is not sick, if coughs are symptomatic, and if healthy, it will not get infected – he said laughing. He also stated that with such a low number of infections, the chance of meeting people with coronavirus in Poland is very small, and infection is possible only a day or two before the onset of symptoms. So people who go through the whole infection without symptoms are unlikely to infect anyone because the virus in their body did not multiply in sufficient quantity.” Even the WHO, the organization that speaks the most about the whole case (I will tell you more about it below), has ordered not to cover the face if there are no symptoms. They say to cover their faces when someone sneezes or coughs. Most people wearing masks do this incorrectly, which further reduces their already very low, and perhaps even non-existent effect when it comes to preventing infection with the virus (and again, if you can just get infected). I have often seen people who wear them only on their lips, leave their nose without covering. A lot of people constantly slips them from face to chin and then again on the mouth and nose, then again on the chin. Lots of people wear one and the same mask from morning to night. If we want them to really work, they should be replaced with a new one every 5, a maximum of 15 minutes, and if we talk about handkerchiefs, scarves, etc. … – they would have to be further decontaminated every day.Let’s consider how many people do it. Answer: not much. Not to mention how many bacteria develop in such a mask, which can cause other problems, including lowering immunity. We also have the question of the eternal inhalation of carbon dioxide, which we exhale for some reason – we do not need it. We cannot breathe normally, breathe freely, which will always have a negative impact on our health. This is especially embarrassing for people with asthma, for example. Besides, most masks do not adhere closely to the face, which further reduces their action. Is it worth it? Answer this question yourself.

Do you know when masks are REALLY helpful? When you need to spread fear, panic, and uncertainty

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What is the mass media not telling us

The media doesn’t say it outright, but it’s more than obvious if we watch anything. The media is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Just see how many ads different drugs and vaccines you see during breaks of your favorite programs. Not to mention the rest. Remember this, because it’s quite important.

This is the last thing I add to making recent fixes to this post, and I’m glad I haven’t published it yet because I think it’s quite important. On this website, you can see how a few people said too much about the fact that the whole action with COVID-19 could have been a “scam”. And below I add a translation of their conversation to those who do not know English. This happened moments before a press conference with President Trump on April 20. Note that there were reporters in this room and, strangely, it did not spread very much. I wonder why.

Hospitals get funding every time they report another death “caused” COVID-19! And believe that this is not any scam, only official information. You can listen to more about this in this video in the 50th minute. So here comes another question – is it in such a situation that the guesswork that they will actually type false information is not justified?

Doctors noticed a decrease in deaths caused by heart disease and strokes. They began to wonder what was going on, how it was possible. Many of them immediately understood because the answer here is one – people whose death was normally classified as, for example, “heart attack” is now typed as “COVID-19”. Therefore, the number of deaths from COVID-19 is increasing, and deaths due to e.g. heart attack go down. What, as we know, is not possible, because few people have changed anything in their lifestyle and diet. Referring to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, bed occupancy at Palm Beach County’s JFK Medical Center fell from 67% to just 23%! This is not enough, because people suddenly did not stop sick. For example, my friend’s grandmother recently finished chemotherapy and now she can’t go to the hospital for tests, they just don’t take her. Another woman is in a similar situation – she has a tumor on the liver that is inoperable and also has another problem related to blood clotting, which can significantly worsen her condition, so she should have done regular resonances to check that nothing is enlarged – now she can not do them. And so it is everywhere. A lot of hospitals send their employees on compulsory leave (such as my friend, whom I mentioned), other employees are laying off. Because regular patients do not take, and patients with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization are few compared to those who do not need it or even have no symptoms. This is a huge problem. If you do not believe that we should close everything for more than a year (a move that in itself would lead to devastating death), the goal should be to bring as many people as possible to resilience as possible. And this can not be done when hospitals are empty, as they are not only in the US but also in other countries. One of the many nurses who decided to speak on the issue said: “It doesn’t seem to be talked about at all… People are losing their changes, payouts, and jobs. We only had 5 people all over the ER when they sent me home. My agency sent an email saying that many people are trying to find changes for themselves.” Another nurse said: “When it comes to the number of real people in emergency departments, I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a low census three weeks in a row. Every shift is half empty.”

And another nurse: “Now there are fewer people admitted to the hospital, so if necessary we can move people from the emergency department to bed very quickly.” We are waiting for this all the time, for this wave of horribly sick needy beds. If it goes so far that they keep us in their homes (even a year and a half! or more as they will want) it will end up in the fact that actually more people will start getting sick and will be in worse condition than they would have had their immune system status dropped as it fell during quarantine (more in the part “quarantine destroys our immunity”) and we will actually have this “second wave”. It will not necessarily be a wave of COVID-19 but in general a wave of more cases in autumn precisely due to not going to the sun and fresh air in the summer and increased stress, fear, etc. I already suppose that everyone would be classified as COVID-19, as they do now, without concrete and reliable research. We should also understand that hospitals cannot become empty for so long, because it will lead them to bankruptcy and even subsidize for any COVID-19 diagnosed or any “caused” COVID-19 death will not help. The Wall Street Journal reported that “hospitals are now losing money at an unprecedented rate.”We can also read that “in Pennsylvania, hospitals lose $1.5-2 billion ($8,382,500,000)PER MONTH because they sit idly by.” 10 years ago we had a pandemic of swine flu. Who remembers this? I guess no one. I don’t associate it at all. I remember hearing about this flu of course, but nothing else. And the truth is that yes, the WHO declared the world pandemic of swine flu in 2009, but no one closed any country, no one froze the whole economy and ordered everyone to sit at home or cover the face with a mask. This pandemic lasted 14 months and 284,000 people died. These were young people, including children.It is not known how many people have contracted this flu because the WHO and the governments of different countries have decided that it is not worth counting or closing borders. They tracked only mass illnesses and deaths, not isolated cases. However, it is estimated that this could be between 284,000 and as many as 600,000 deaths worldwide. The vaccine was invented (dangerous and complications in many cases were very serious, many people got high compensation and some continued to fight for them), which cost millions to even a billion dollars. Many countries lost an incredible amount of money because this vaccine was used by a very small percentage of people (then Health Minister Ewa Kopacz did not buy the vaccine, for which it was reported to the prosecutor’s office, and it turned out that she was absolutely right), and it was invented too late because the pandemic itself had expired. The same would happen to COVID-19 as if everyone did not close in their homes. Referring to Dr. Knutt Witkowski, who is outstanding in his field: “We shouldn’t do anything about it. Let nature do its job. All we should do is ensure that the elderly and the vulnerable do not come into contact with people who could be infected and should isolate themselves until everything is over, and that should not take more than four weeks.(…) There is no evidence that such anti-social separation, prohibition, or whatever you call it has any impact on the epidemic. The only thing people do with the curve is to widen it, not flatten it. If you do this, it will take more time and more people will be at risk.” Asked, “If we followed your approach – do nothing, let it go like flu seasons, how long would it take us to achieve herd immunity?”, he replied, “it would be all over. Just as it happened in China (more will be lower), in South Korea, Australia, Austria. That’s exactly what happens to each epidemic one by one and there’s no reason to expect otherwise in the U.S.” He said that in nature there are no strange jumps, everything goes smoothly – it slowly rises and then falls. Dr. Knutt also expresses his concern that those who know the least – politicians and ordinary medical doctors – speak the most. However, there is no consultation with mathematicians or immunologists. Regarding other epidemics and pandemics and vaccines, see this short material.

In many schools in the U.S., the most in California, during the pandemic and absence of children in schools, 5G antennas are installed in these schools. In Poland, on the occasion of the anti-crisis shield (!), a regulation was introduced saying that it is no longer necessary to have permission to erect towers of this type as it used to be. A friend said he sees more than once workers working at night. They do it when they think others don’t see them… and the media is silent.

Many news programs in the United States show false information. For example, a photo of the coffins of Bergamo spread out one side by side, in which they reportedly lying dead on COVID-19, which went around the world some time ago this photo taken in 2013! It depicted coffins spread in a hangar at Lampedusa Airport after the boat sank, which cost more than 300 lives. You can see the evidence here or here. Another thing is the clips showing the incredibly “busy” intensive care units, which, as we look at, show mannequins, not real patients. And it wasn’t just once, it’s happened many times so far. Sometimes I add these kinds of things to my instastory, so I invite you to my Instagram. A photo of one boy was used by various news stations in different countries to show that children are dying too. The problem is that in each station this boy came from another country, had a different name, and once even introduced him as a girl! The same photo was already shown in the news a few years ago. There was also a crying nurse in the news who said that she had been fired by the fact that the hospital did not have enough equipment etc and all this by COVID-19, and it was really not difficult to find her on social media and find out that she had not been working there for a year! And that’s just a few examples… there is much more. 

In the US, every hospital that reports a cure from COVID-19 gets thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. From every single COVID-19 patient, every single death “caused” by COVID-19 and every patient on whom the life-support machine was used. And, as you already know, they attribute this virus to people they have not even tested, and about the life-support machines still in this post, I will tell.

If we talk about hospitals. I don’t know if you know how many people started going out with the cameras to record videos and take pictures in hospitals. I absolutely not say that all hospitals are empty, no. The truth is that many of them are completely empty. There are no patients with COVID-19 and there are no other patients either, as any routine visits have been canceled and hospitals only take emergency cases, sometimes only those where there is a threat to life. Some videos are already erased by censorship, but others are still available, including those with dancing and singing nurses. Use #emptyhospitals hashtags to see what it looks like on social media if this hashtag still works. Interestingly, a man who recorded such a video and published he was arrested and sent to prison for 90 days, additionally had to pay a penalty of $370.Normally if someone entered the hospital, he recorded such a video and published it at a time when there is no pandemic, he would have none, but it would have no consequences. So it is worth considering why in this case he had to sit 90 days in custody. 

Google has announced that they are tracking people using mobile phones. They know where people walk when, and for how long. Facebook works the same now – all data is collected. It is identical to applications like weChat and Tik Tok. We are tracked every step of the way.

Two of France’s most respected doctors have publicly said that CODIV-19 vaccines should be tested on poor people in Africa! It appeared on TV! Why didn’t anyone else catch it?!

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Herd immunity

“So many people have it and there are no signs that economic blockade cannot and will not work. The virus will continue to spread, but in slow motion, because so many asymptomatic people still have it. But at the same time, the disease is much less deadly than it is said that if we open everything, we will go through it much faster and with a much smaller number of deaths than we thought. The only reason you should defend yourself against these fatal accidents is that you think we should also block the entire economy during the bad flu season – a ridiculous idea that no one would want.” 

Remember those times when, as children, we all went through smallpox and everything was OK? Yes, I think each of us has heard that serious side effects may occur, but such side effects can occur for all medical conditions, including the usual cold, depending on the condition of the body. I remember those times. Someone had smallpox and continued to play outside and the only problem was itching. And now suddenly the spas have become a deadly disease, for which they want to vaccinate all children one by one. Why?!

Referring to Wikipedia, here you have an explanation of what the herd’s resistance is: “a form of indirect protection against infectious diseases that occurs when a significant proportion of the population has become immune to infection, thereby ensuring the protection of vulnerable people (for example, people whose vaccine does not work*). In a population where many people are resistant, infection chains are likely to be discontinued, which stops or delays the spread of the disease.”

*I will not write here what I think about this statement, but I will add here only that vaccines DO NOT cause stud immunity.

As you already know, Knutt Witkowski talked about the stud resistance associated with COVID-19, so I will not repeat. What I want to see here is the general situation in China. A lot of people think that everything is calmed down there thanks to quarantine. Are you sure? Let’s look at the available data, it is clear that China did not close the country’s borders when COVID-19 cases emerged. The number of cases has gradually increased as is always the case with the pandemic, so that on February 2 in China there is a peak, after which everything began to go down and norm naturally (again – as it works with the pandemic). And the country closed only on February 17th! Therefore, the assumption that China has achieved stud resilience is as legitimate as possible. And now they have been returning to normal life for some time and have already opened various jobs some time ago, including various factories. At a time when other countries were starting to close. And it is worth noting here that China is, after all, the largest country when it comes to production. Just look around your house and you’ll see that most of what you have there has been produced in China.

And what does Dr. Fauci says? That’s exactly what “I hope we don’t have so many infected people that we will achieve stud immunity.”So let’s think about what other options do we have beyond this resilience? Our options include closed countries, closed schools, workplaces, parks and everything else and eternal quarantine + magical vaccines that I have already written about, but I will repeat – scientists working on other vaccines for many years of their lives, dedicating their entire careers to working on vaccines clearly say that this one is completely new, difficult to create and can be very dangerous (just like the SARS vaccine, which has been banned from being used in humans)

The same was in the US. They began to close when the curve leveled and remained at the same level.

We should think here what they really care about. Because probably not on the health of society? Why don’t they want people to be COVID-19 resistant? Why do they want our resilience to fall? I would like to make it clear here that until someone gets rid of COVID-19 100%, the problem will return. And, as you already know, they promise the “second wave” for autumn. Why wouldn’t the virus come back if it keeps us in our homes and doesn’t let us go anywhere? “The fact is that if you won’t completely remove the disease then the disease will come back if it continues to be active in the population of people who have not been infected before and have no immunity.”

Questions without answers

Fully Raw Kristina posted a photo of her nearly 97-year-old grandfather to her Instagram. He is now recovering after COVID-19. Why do we not hear about these types of cases at all? Why don’t they publish statements from people who say they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and share the fact that their symptoms were incredibly mild and everything returned to normal very quickly and now feel great?

Who checks all these numbers? Who makes the statistics? Who decides all this?

Why is the police in Poland now collecting weapons? Buys armored cars? Millions of ammo? Now, in the course of the pandemic?

Why are tens of thousands of Us military personnel in Poland and France?

Where do all these data and big numbers come from?

How do we know that a country or organization does not conceal facts?

In every country, everything matters a little differently. So how are the tests done? Are they standard? Does everyone use the same tests?

What is important to you? What do you value? What values in others, at home, in life?

What can you do when you run out of food?

What can you sacrifice? How much do you want to give without a fight?

Why are politicians who have no idea about viruses, and are harassed by scientists, epidemiologists, and virologists who are years old, not once after decades of experience?

How is it that people agree to such restrictions?

We can not talk, meet, touch, kiss, hug. What is next?

Don’t you mind that you are taking away further fundamental human rights all the time?

Don’t you mind cops and military men looking at your bags and baskets, passing everything, and deciding whether these are the first things?

Why do people ask themselves to introduce martial law in Poland? Do you realize what martial law is? What can this involve?

Why do you question so many people talking about a vegan diet, and don’t you question 

anything that the media are presenting to you?

You’re not scared that the government can just say one word, which results in the whole world?

Why don’t you wonder what sources people who have nothing to do with medicine in any way except money (such as money). Bill Gates)?

You don’t mind the fact that police drones will fly over your heads and track what you’re doing, where you go, with whom, why…? If that sounds strange, know that police drones are already flying and recording people in many places.

What about Poland?

I do not live in Poland so I do not know exactly what is going on there, but I would like to draw attention to some important facts. 

Firstly, if you want to know what rights you have in relation to this whole situation, how to talk to police officers and what to do with possible mandates, I highly recommend this interview with the patron Magdalena Wilk, and here is a shorter material by the patron about how to defend against punishment during the epidemic. “Did you not accept the mandate? Are you waiting for a court hearing? Don’t wait 🙂 You probably won’t have it. Have you accepted the mandate? Try to repeal it. In today’s video, I show you how to do it and what it’s all about.”

Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski, professor of medicine, on February 26 at RMF FMsaid: “experts say 80% of the sensations are mild or asymptomatic.” When asked if the masks help, Mr. Szumowski replied: “they do not help, they do not help, they do not protect against the virus, they do not protect against sickness. They don’t really help.” When asked why people wear them, he replied, “I don’t know.” A few days later, he made a notice that from Thursday all Poles must cover their mouth and nose when they go outside wherever they go. Big and fairly quick change of mind. Why? We’ll never know 100% of that. Dominika Korwin-Mikke said something that makes sense to me: “about the fact that masks are not helped by Mr. Szumowski spoke as a doctor. He has already spoken of poles as a politician.”

On the official website of the government, it is written that not everyone has to cover the nose and mouth in Poland. Who doesn’t have to? Children up to 4 years old, persons who have breathing problems (you do not need to have a certificate from the doctor), persons who cannot put protection from their face or remove protection from their face due to health (you do not need to have a certificate from the doctor), persons driving a car – if the passengers live with each other, persons driving a car – if there is only a driver or driver with a child under 4 years, the clergy carrying out religious rites, farmers carrying out farm work, soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and allied troops, as well as officers of the Military Counterintelligence Service and the Military Intelligence Service, carrying out official tasks.” So if you are a priest, it means that the virus does not affect you and also disables your action when you are soldiers, but only when you perform work tasks. And now seriously – print this page yourself. Now you know that if you have trouble wearing masks, there is another way.

During this whole pandemic, when people are locked in homes, politicians sit down and vote at night. They push laws that are absolutely not even as important as what is happening now. For example, one of the laws states that children can participate in hunting. Another is the simplification of the killing of animals in time pandemic. And more. In addition, on the occasion of the crisis shield, records were added that if someone wanted to put a tower with Wi-Fi, including a 5G tower (and 5G is very harmful to us), it no longer has to have any permission. He can put them where he wants and whenever he wants. And they often do it at night when people don’t see it. I wonder that such a record appeared in such a document, right? What does this have to do with COVID-19? You can find the whole document on the internet. The question is – how much of this will be canceled after the end of the pandemic?

There is also a law on vaccinations, which will be given to Polish citizens by force and without their consent. There is a part of “direct coercive measures”, which included: “holding, immobilizing with belts, handles, sheets or safety caftan, forced administration of medicines without the consent of the person concerned.” This document is called the “Procedure for dealing with a person suspected of COVID-19 or with a confirmed diagnosis of 13 March 2020”, and you can find the whole thing here.

‘Direct immobilization coercion may be used for no more than 4 hours. If necessary, the use of this coercion can be extended for the next 6-hour period, and no more than 24 hours in total.”– when you read it, imagine yourself in a situation where someone holds you and immobilizes you with your belts without your consent and injects you something into your vein without your consent, without your knowing what it is and any idea of what is happening.

There was also a bill amending the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, in which we read that “the President of the Republic is elected to one seven-year term” and “the provision of Art. 1 shall apply to the term of office of the President”, and then “the elections ordered before the entry into force of the Law before the end of the term of office of the President of the Republic of Poland become ineffective”.Interesting, right? Is it also absolutely necessary to act with the “deadly” COVID-19 pandemic?

There has been a ranking of regimes that use the coronavirus for repression and Poland is one of the 30 countries in this ranking. In the article, we can read: “The whole world focuses its efforts on the fight against the pandemic. However, not all countries in this fight depend primarily on the health and safety of citizens. Some countries use a pandemic to restrict or violate civil rights or strengthen the government. The American magazine Vice has identified 30 countries that, under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, pursue other goals. Why was Poland in this group?” On the list outside of Poland, there are countries such as Uganda, Russia, China, Cambodia, Venezuela, and others, and you can see the entire list with explanations here.

In addition, Poland is probably the only country still looking to hold presidential elections. To the extent that it is widely commented on all over the world and in a not very sympathetic way. You can read one of the articles on this topic here. The article says: “Presidential elections in the shadow of the coronavirus sought by the Polish government attract the attention of foreign media.” The Financial Times points out that only in Poland politicians are more focused on the elections than the fight against the coronavirus and bitterly comments that the Polish President elected in May “would find it difficult to shake hands.” People who work in hospitals have been banned from talking about what conditions in hospitals look like. Hard times are going, so elections have to take place.”Of course, the government tried to find a solution to the situation and they said for some strange reason that postal elections would be a good way. Of course, this is also a lot of risks and a few of the possible problems are mentioned in this article. We should ask the question why the Polish government must do it not as it should, why do they care so much?

By the way, the Lazienki Krolewskie (a big, beautiful, and very old park in Warsaw) is being renovated in Warsaw right now. It is very important that the park that cannot be entered is renovated, huh? 

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What’s next?

Politicians in Poland made a celebration for the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. No one had a mask, gloves, neither they nor reporters kept up with the rules for keeping a distance between themselves. And they showed it all on TV. Zero respect for citizens. It was a clear demonstration to everyone that they were making Polish citizens crazy forbidding them to go out and a lot of people can not do the funeral of their loved ones, because there is a ban … but they can. In the States, for example, in this video just before the president’s press conference we can see on the left a few people who in this situation are portrayed as experts, standing incredibly close together, also without any security. Reporters sit far apart, but somehow no one says anything about the fact that there on the left … is this group… without sticking to any rules. Hmm.

At one press conference, a WHO representative said that as people are now in their homes, COVID-19 infecting has moved into a confined space and is being held among the family. Therefore, according to him, it is necessary to look at this case and remove suspects. So imagine that one day someone will knock on your door and open it to your daughter coughing. The doctor and the military will find that the daughter is suspected of COVID-19, which can infect others, so they forcibly take her from the house to quarantine. Sounds unbelievable? Well, wait, because that’s the WHO’s approach. Ask yourself here if you have any problem with it. After all, it’s for our good.

Do you know that recently it was loud about a man in Canada who was arrested for walking a dog in a park without having anyone else with him, and got an $880 fine? In Poland, police officers shouted at the man for having gone out with the child for a walk… the child saw everything. Another man, in turn, was arrested for playing with his daughter in empty space… the child saw everything.

The girl is 6 years old, and the police officers who arrested him were not even wearing masks. There is another man who was arrested and police officers shouted that others were dying through him… his daughter saw everything. In California, people get fines for watching sunsets while sitting in their own cars. In Texas, residents can’t drive anywhere if there are more than 2 people in it (by the way, how a parent of 3 children can now shop for groceries since you can’t have more than 2 people in the car?). In Kansas City, police interrupted a small parade of teachers organized so that children could see them standing on their driveways even though they were all in their cars. The Governor of Los Angeles has promised awards to those who will report on their neighbors! And it doesn’t matter if you think quarantine is a good way out or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of the virus or not. It matters whether or not you have anything against such conduct on the part of the public service. Because if you look at it very generally it comes out that it is enough to tell people “not to leave the house” and suddenly politicians, hardworking and military can do with citizens what they want. There’s a simple question here – don’t you really mind that at this point you live in a police state where your father is arrested in front of your own daughter for being in an empty space with her? The above examples are a mixture of cases in the USA and Poland.

There is information from the US government (in Poland, but from The Minister of Health of Mr. Szumowski) that all this can take 18 months.Notice what it looks like now. They say “14 days”. After 14 days they say “another 7 and already”. After another 7 we hear “until the end of the month”, and now “18 months”. Don’t mind living like this for another year and a half AT least? Without the possibility of normal leaving the house, meetings with friends, travel. No work, no money, no help. Listening to prohibitions and orders, being controlled at every turn? And what will happen after 18 months? Vaccination! Mandatory vaccination and note that the WHO (World Health Organization ) is already announcing that they will enter people to say forcibly take people who “may be sick.” Just wait until they come home with syringes with vaccines and they will vaccinate you without your permission. If you don’t see what the problem is, look at it. These vaccines will be with unknown composition, they will be untested, we will not know how they work on humans, and every government and manufacturers and distributors are already exempt from any responsibility if (or rather when) someone will have a serious reaction or even die as a vaccination effect. They are no longer responsible for anything (I also wrote about it in my book) and immediately before the vaccination was created, they announced that they could not be sued or nothing. I wonder why since it is supposedly such a safe thing. The SARS vaccine was so dangerous that it was banned from using it. The animals on which it was tested died one by one. Despite this, they tested it on people in China shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic appeared. Moreover, the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be unknown and completely new, which means that no one has any idea how it will affect the human body. Dr. Paul Offit, who is a scientist and has studied infectious diseases throughout his career and has been developing vaccines, says that the hysteria around COVID-19 does not respond to the real risk that we do more harm than good and that the creation of such a vaccine is many years of work and making it available to people after only 18 months without absolutely any tests is extremely irresponsible and dangerous. By the way, you know what is written in the flu vaccine leaflet? Exactly this: “there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL”. And I also point out here very clearly if someone has not caught this: the government or pharmaceutical company is already completely exempt from any responsibility for any (which will surely occur) the negative vaccination effects caused by this vaccine … which does not even exist yet. And they have already been relieved of responsibility. Let’s think about how safe it was, what do those who make it believe, why should they make sure that no one can sue them for bodily harm or even death? What about 5G? It is strange that just now, during the pandemic, 5G transmitters and towers are massively installed and placed all over the world, including, of course, Poland and the USA. In the United States, they install them in empty schools, for example, but not only, but in Poland, they do it even at night. Why are they in such a hurry now? Do you know what this 5G is to be needed for? It is said that the biggest reason for 5G is the cars driving themselves. For this, the kind of 4G is too weak and they need something stronger. But let’s think about how many cars there are? Not much. In Poland, even less than in the United States. So it doesn’t make much sense. What makes sense is unfortunately much worse. In China, this has been around for a very long time and with very satisfactory consequences. Satisfactory for the government, because not for a citizen. There, people are tracked non-stop. Cameras are everywhere they go and whatever they do – everything is recorded. People are tracked using mobile phones and various apps, including an ordinary location, but not only. There is a facial recognition system, which means that, for example, to leave a given estate you need to look at a machine that scans your face and only then allows you (or does not) let go out. In India, special rice machines have been put in place, which can be used by poor people, who through this whole situation have nothing to eat anymore. Sounds great, but here we are dealing with this system too. A camera is placed above each machine that scans each person’s face and analyzes whether a person’s rice has already gotten or not. How many times does he come back, how many takes, etc. Already in China, there is a system in which applications on phones show who was vaccinated and who has not.People vaccinated with the app show that there is someone in the area who has not had vaccinations and in this way is encouraged to report neighbors, strangers, or even their family. Unvaccinated people will not be able to fly planes, travel by train, enter concerts, etc.Sounds unbelievable? A little bit like that, but such a system is already in China, and for this purpose they use m.in. called weChat. The website says: “Two popular mobile apps, AliPay and WeChat – which have replaced cash in China in recent years – have helped enforce restrictions because they allow the government to track people’s movements and even stop people with confirmed infections from traveling. Everyone has something like a traffic light system,” says mission dean Gabriel Leung, dean of li Ka Shing’s Medical Faculty at the University of Hong Kong. Colored codes on mobile phones – in which green, yellow, or red means a person’s health. It notifies guards at train stations and other checkpoints about who to pass.” All this will also come to other places, including Poland and the USA, where I live. Some counties in California are already testing such an app, Australia too.In France, they are also already planning to introduce such an application. This website says: “Verily will have access to information that directly identifies you, including your name, address, email address, phone number, and survey responses. This information may also be provided to Verily contractors, health professionals who take your sample, the clinical laboratory that processes your sample, the site operator and its contractors, the state Department of Public Health and potentially other federal, state,” and local health authorities. and other actors who assist in the test program.” 

Many people are annoyed that Trump has announced that he is no longer funding the WHO. We should note that WHO’s owners are pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis, or Roche. It is also funded by Bill Gates, which I mentioned here. Bill Gates has a large stake in pharmaceutical companies and after leaving Microsoft he took up… vaccines and the chips it wants to inject people. I remind you – he is neither a doctor nor an immunologist, nor a virologist or a scientist. He’s a computer guy. Doesn’t all that sound strange? The general impression is that pharmaceutical companies are here to help people to treat us and so on. They plan to keep people in their homes until they take the vaccine. You can also check the public documentation of violations in the pharmaceutical industry, such as false claims, bribery, bribery, unapproved promotion of medical products, corruption, environmental damage, pricing, medical fraud, consumer damage, and more. By clicking here you will see a short material about WHO. I would add that the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister has made it clear: “WHO should be renamed china health organization” China is a huge country with IMMenpower.

“Immunity certificates offer a tempting promise that a growing number of people can stop protecting themselves and help the world live instead. They can play an important role in the period before we have excellent treatment or an effective vaccine. However, they raise issues related to the science of resistance to Covid-19, how such certificates will be issued and supervised, and most importantly, about a country divided between free and restricted people.”
– statnews.com

By clicking here you will see a graphic showing how it all will look like. And here’s my husband’s comment on the subject: “Pay special attention in the upper right corner where Bob introduces his test results to a separate Public Health Authority application. Who in their right mind will announce with a positive result? The only way such a system could work is to administer the test by a trusted agent (the results are then sent to the central database). Until you get a negative result in the file, THERE is no return TO WORK AND EXIT OUTSIDE. You will have to fill out your score on your phone and undergo tracking to make sure you follow the quarantine/house arrest warrant.” 

Another website says: “One of the concerns is that uninfected people may face discrimination in certain positions after the creation of a certificate verification system. However, the recently reissued US COSS guidelines suggest that the Commission considers such discrimination to be admissible.”

Another thing is: “Employers or governments may require only immunity-certified persons to work in positions that require significant contact with people, such as healthcare, food, services, retail, transport, and others. Restaurants, bars, sporting events, concerts, or other so-called public facilities may only be accepted by persons with certificates of immunity. Travel by public transport or the privilege of participating in classes in person may be limited to persons with certificates of immunity. But should they be so limited?”

By clicking here you can see very important, terrifying, and real material about how it all works in China. Have fun watching it.

It is said that “the second wave will come this autumn”. So when? When every year a lot of people have a cough, runny nose, colds, and flu. This year will also be a time when everyone will be frustrated, angry, and weakened after sitting at home non-stop. In addition, immune systems will be further weakened by stress, fear, closure in four walls, lack of fresh air and sun. Then they will start to get sick not only of those already weakened and old, but also young people, even children. And it will be due to the quarantine that is now. 

The difference between the number of fatalities in Poland and England is huge because there are almost 20 times as many in England. Of course, the government says this is because restrictions have been introduced in Poland more quickly, but the difference is so big that it’s hard to believe. Unfortunately, it will be the case that all any successes of the governing people will attribute to themselves, which means that citizens will applaud them and listen even more, and this, in turn, leads to an increasing restriction of civil rights, to human rights violations. Here, it is of great importance to how death is classified, as I wrote above.

Plenty (may not all) of the recipes that are now being introduced (including those that are pushed through the night) in time for the pandemic will stay and later when everything is over. The government will not give power to the citizens so easily.

First, they cancel the biggest events. Later, they close schools. Later work. Then forests, parks, shops and everything else. They do it step by step, because if they say that from day to day we can not go anywhere and everything will be closed, then people would go crazy. And yes, step by step, everyone obediently goes after what they hear and do not question anything that is seen by people from above, so they squeeze further. Because they have two options – either to back down and admit that they overreacted, or move on. And they go further because they see that people allow them and not once even ask for more. Now, in turn, they are slowly opening everything. Do you believe that nothing will happen here along the way? That is a moment they will not say oops again! Do we have to close again? That they no longer plan another pandemic and close everything on the autumn. 

One of the articles says: “Terrifying reports that tell the truth about how the blockade ends – there will be no going back to normal: America’s best experts explain how the nation faces mass digital surveillance, testing on an unimaginable scale or repeated social distancing”. The three scientists speaking in this material have different but very similar opinions and none of them looks good. Everyone says that after this quarantine, nothing will ever come back to the normal we had before. We can also read that “The CAP report also proposes a stunning national digital surveillance system using cell phone location data to track potential exposure of all people to known cases”, which is exactly what I mentioned above. Speaking of this tracking, as you already know, there is already a face recognition system in place in China, and many people need to scan their faces before they leave their own housing estate or before they buy something in some shops. This is not something strange to laugh at, “because it never will. It is something that has been working in China for some time and that they want to introduce also in the USA and later in the rest of the world. To have as much control over people as possible and, as someone said in one of the movies I saw recently, you won’t be able to spit on the ground without being noted down. In this article we can read: “The State of Washington has adopted a law supported by Microsoft Corp., laying down the most detailed rules for face recognition in the U.S., which can potentially serve as a model for other states as technology develops.”

I don’t know if you know, but there are currently hundreds of satellites entering orbit. It’s done regularly, but now it looks like it’s all overwhelmed on a larger scale. “There will be more of them with each passing month and year. There are 120 at the moment, and the target is nearly 12,000 in 2027! Then it will only take a look at the sky to notice these satellites.” What’s this all about? The monitoring of everyone on earth, which is what I’ve written to you about so many times in this post, and which, of course, our darling Bill Gates is involved with.

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People who have recovered

According to official data for today, April 21, the number of people who have recovered feeling well and staying at home among all those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 is 665,458. The real number of these people would be much, MIGHTLIGHT if everyone in the world had been tested, because most people with COVID-19 have delicate or even non-existent symptoms, so they don’t even think that they might be sick and that they could test themselves.

From the very beginning, I wonder why it is so rare to talk about all those who were diagnosed and recovered. For example, as I have already mentioned, Grandpa and, as it later turned out, Grandma Fully Raw Kristina were both diagnosed with COVID-19. They are both over 95 years old! And they both got better. There are a lot of such people, but, as someone very aptly noticed on my Instagram, positive information does not evoke such emotions, fear and then it is more difficult to manipulate people than if the information is negative. That’s why they don’t give the positive ones very much, and if they do, they give something in such a way that the negative ones are noticed anyway. Because many more people will pay more attention to the word “death” than “recovery”.

If there is already someone on the Internet who shares his experience of passing through COVID-19, from what I have seen, they talk about quite mild symptoms. A couple of people even said they didn’t feel sick at all and all they had was a little cough. Why do you talk about them so rarely?

The media also talk about the fact that there is no cure for COVID-19, so it should be feared. But so many people are healing. Do you know what the secret is here? The secret is what I’ve already told you – our own bodies, more specifically our immune systems. This is the best cure for everything! Besides, many people in many places in the world have seen amazing effects with very high doses of vitamin C, which they gave people intravenously. In this video you will see two doctors from many who treat people with COVID-19 in this way and, it is worth mentioning, these are mainly patients with very serious symptoms. Dr. John Phar said: “my protocol has worked on several people I’ve been dealing with. A high dose of vitamin C – 2000 mg every hour until diarrhea occurs.” A nurse from Long Island, New York City, also recovered and shared what she did in the local newspaper, namely: “I’ve been taking vitamin C, zinc, B12, I’ve been drinking lots of hot drinks and water and lemon.”

Something about mass graves

There are also photos on the Internet showing mass graves, where we see them burying dozens of coffins with “patients who died by COVID-19”. This is a very good way to introduce a little more confusion, stress, and fear into society when the truth is a little different. Of course, there are already a lot of theories about what is happening on the island called Hart Island in New York, but the biggest one is the one related to the victims of the virus because this is the biggest news at the moment. For years, this is where New Yorkers have been hiding, who have no family or friends. Bodies that nobody came forward for, that have not found another place. Bodies of homeless people, for example.

There is a project called The Hart Island Project, in which it is about bringing closer the identity of people who died and are buried there. On this page, we read: “Since 1980, 68,955 people have been buried in graves on the island.” It is absolutely not true that there is a shortage of places in the morgue. Two people confirmed this information – Aji Worthy-Davis and Jason Kersten. I am not claiming that among those people buried on this island there is no one who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Since there are buried, among others, the homeless and others who were not reported by anyone, it is very possible that there are also people who had COVID-19 and were diagnosed with it, or even did not know about it. However, this does not in any way mean that this is a place specially designed only for people who have died because of this virus, this is very false information, whose task is terribly different, which of course works. The mayor of New York said: “There will be no mass burials on Hart Island. Every case is individual and every body will be treated with dignity.

Other worth looking at

There are good indications that COVID-19 has been circulating around everyone since November/December 2019. The truth is that all of you have either already been exposed or have already had COVID-19 and you do not even know it. This is how pandemics work.

The CDC has over 50 patents on vaccines. Vaccines are the way they make money, and they’re huge amounts. Remember this (and what I said earlier about the WHO) before you treat such organizations as your only source of information again.

Information is beginning to emerge from scientists saying that this version of the coronavirus we are dealing with could not mutate from other coronaviruses. It is said that COVID-19 was created in one of the laboratories in the state of North Carolina in 2015 and then transferred to a laboratory in China. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. But I think it’s worth looking into.

Freedom of speech is one of those rights that is slowly but gradually being taken away from us. From the Internet, especially YouTube, but also from Facebook or Instagram (and other sites), posts, videos, and comments that say anything about another site of all this disappear. And I’m not talking about completely false information here, no. Here we are even talking about the statements of experts, that is, eminent immunologists, for example. Why? If what the media are saying is the highest truth, why are they suddenly so afraid that educated people with experience in this field have started to talk and say that all this does not look like the media and governments are telling us? On the naszapolska.pl website also appeared an article about the epidemic as a pretext for censorship, in which we read, among other things, “The European Union, as well as individual governments themselves, has long tried to regulate the space of exchange of thoughts. In today’s newspeak, regulation is synonymous with absolute censorship. This time officials and politicians have a great excuse in their hands: an epidemic. And if it is too weak, it is supported by Putin. “Is that enough to gag Europeans’ lips?” In this article we will also read that, and I quote, “CEO of YouTube. We will remove anything that goes against the World Health Organization on COVID-19.” As you can see, everything WHO says is sacred. And I have already talked about the WHO in this post. Have you started to understand?

By clicking here, you can see a short but quite interesting material. Pay special attention to the numbers in the titles from 5:16. I wonder what?

One of the sites decided to push people a bit and manipulate them a bit, showing that China has a good system (about which I have already written above) and that they are doing what should be done in this situation. We read: “This technocratic approach in East Asia meets three requirements in the growth phase of the exponential public health threat: Scale, speed and degree of coercion. Can Western democracies achieve the results observed in East Asia without imitating their means? Probably not.” I hope you’re worried about that.

On the website vege.com.pl appeared a very interesting article entitled “Human – the egoist of all times”.The article says: “A man bitten by a dog!, a tiger attacked his guardian (reads: a captive guard) at the zoo!, a man-eating shark! We have completely lost the ability to self-irony and distance ourselves as one of the many species inhabiting the planet. This is sad and fertile with negative consequences for the world around us, which we are now feeling on our own skin. 

The coronavirus epidemic, which has ruled the entire human world since the beginning of the year, makes it possible to see (if you want to see it) who we really are. Our skins have become even thinner, we focus even more on ourselves, we manage to forget even more (which is indeed staggering, because it seems that it is no longer possible), that we are not alone here – there is a world around us that we choose not to notice because it is more comfortable. Human worship has already reached such a level that even (justified) questions like “Why don’t we talk about the climate catastrophe in the same way as we do about the coronavirus?” are met with incomprehensible outrage and comments: “Doesn’t the author think such a question is inappropriate?” 

It also appears now that the life support machines used in COVID-19 patients can do more harm than good. One of the most recent studies from China shed new light on COVID-19 and it turns out that there are reasons not to classify this disease as an infection of the upper respiratory tract, but as a problem with… blood. But back to life support machines. There’s more and more information showing that most patients who are connected to life-support machines are dying. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidellsaid about how everything looks from his perspective. He said explicitly that using life support machines, in his opinion, is not a good option. Life support machines are used when patients’ muscles are not working well enough to help them breathe. There were no such cases of COVID-19 patients with whom he was dealing, their muscles work well. He does not claim that they do not need life support machines, because yes, they are needed, but not necessarily in the case of COVID-19. The pressure that is put on patients’ lungs to open them is so strong that it often causes more damage than good, being more than once a cause of death (and they will put COVID-19 on their death certificate anyway).

Dr. Kyle-Sidell also mentioned that the patients he sees do not behave as if the patients actually need such help. Someone who needs to be connected to a life support machine is usually a person who can no longer make contact, and he, in turn, has patients who behave normally, who make full sentences and still have rational thinking. In the case of a person who is fully conscious, he or she must first be put to sleep, put into a coma, and then be connected to this life-supporting machine. This person must be under the influence of very strong medications so that the natural reflexes do not try to fight the tube in his throat. So it seems that there are cases when someone fully aware of the fact that he or he or she has heard from a doctor that he or she has to be connected to a life-supporting machine, then this person gave consent, signed the papers, then was put to sleep and connected to the machine that damaged her well-working lungs, and then he or she died… and COVID-19 was entered on his or her death certificate. And there’s more and more of these, more and more doctors come out and share this information! There is simply a general protocol that applies to all patients even though everyone may have different needs, and the protocol was created on insufficient information. Here you can see an interview with the same doctor, in which he explains everything. He also says that a much better way would be to use ordinary oxygen masks first, before deciding on a life support machine.

Interestingly, the National Institute of Health has already issued new guidelines to stay away from life-support machines and change the treatment of patients with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19.

If you want to read something else about Bill Gates’ plans, please visit this page.

People around the world have started to take to the streets to oppose the actions of governments. Many states in the USA, Poland, Germany, and a few other countries that I know of. Here you have an example from North Carolina, and many others you can easily find on the Internet, including YouTube.

You have to watch this video recorded by a Polish woman, a young girl who expresses her opinion about what is happening. In my opinion, this is an incredibly strong message that I would like to send out further. Listen to the whole thing. In the film, you will hear, among other things..: “Is this a house arrest? Did you do something wrong? Are you a prisoner? I’m not a prisoner. We are free people. (…) If we don’t act at this point, we, our children, our grandchildren, will live under a total regime, under totalitarianism, as in China. Do you want to be followed at every step by cameras, by artificial intelligence? (…) Do you want to be chipped? After all, people are already being chipped. (…) I went to the park a few days ago to demonstrate that I am a free person. A free person who can go to jail for his freedom, who will fight for freedom. What about you? What are you doing? You sit at home and listen to your torturers? (…) Didn’t Grandma or Grandpa tell you about how they fought for free Poland? So that you could lose that freedom now? To leave your children and their children in the country you’re creating for them now?” Listen, please.

Here you can see an interesting conversation between one of the Poles and the policemen. Maybe that’s a good way to approach the subject too? A calm, substantive conversation, instead of insults, arguing and blaming each other?

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Some words for the end

“More and more people wake up, can read “between the lines”, see what is happening, see that day after day their freedom, for which our ancestors gave their lives, is taken away from them.”

As I said, people all over the world are starting to go out on the street. More and more people are starting to notice that something is really wrong here. They start to rebel and fight for their rights, their freedom, and life for themselves and their children.


All this is not what we are told. The world has been hit by a virus whose mortality rate is less than 1% and affects those who are old and/or have other serious health problems. It’s time to open your eyes and look around in other directions to see that manipulation and lies are at every turn. And, unfortunately, now is the time… it will be too late any minute now.

I wish you all health and good luck. I appeal, please, don’t let yourself be manipulated in this way. Don’t let yourself be pushed around in this way. It won’t lead to anything good. They already know how easy it is to lock everyone in their homes. All it takes is one word and most people will lock themselves in the house afraid to leave. Fear is interfering with everything and it looks like we have a pandemic of fear here, not the virus itself, which is not as serious as we are told, as more and more experts point out. And I say all this as an ordinary gray man with children who wants the best possible life for them.

I hope that what you read will make you start questioning the situation. Because it’s not a normal situation. This is not a situation any of us should be in because of this reason. Imagine what would happen if something serious REALLY happened! People would go totally insane, we’re not prepared for anything. For the end of this post, I’m also going to add that please, have respect towards me and everyone else who thinks that there’s something wrong here. Let’s try to understand each other.

Have a great day,

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