Aga Kirchner

Who am I?

My name is Agnieszka and I’m a mother of three wonderful children. Together with them and my husband we live in Atlanta suburbs in the state of Georgia, USA. I moved over here from Warsaw, Poland, where I was born and raised. I became vegetarian around 11 years ago, switched to a veganism in 2016 and to fruitarianism or raw veganism soon after that – in 2017.

My story

I have experiences with several different ways of eating. I used to eat meat of all kinds, dairy, chocolate, chips, pizza and other processed foods. I used to drink all kinds of things including sodas, alcohol and other. I never smoked but unfortunately I was a second-hand smoker for 21 years. I used to take tons of medications, some were very strong and it all started when I was a small child when I had prescriptions for antibiotics pretty much every month…

I was always considered a “healthy” person but now that I look back, it wasn’t like this. I always had runny nose, cough, fever and other symptoms. I kept being diagnosed with flu and other. My periods were painful and heavy and I got acne pretty early on. It was very bad and not only on my face but also my back, shoulders and chest. I struggled with mood swings, lower body temperature, cold hands and feet. I used to have stomachaches and digestion issues. And more.

Nobody ever asked me what my diet was like.

I saw a lot of those things as something normal because they were always there and… most people have very similar if not the same issues. After I changed my diet to veganism I noticed a lot of improvements, I realized that nothing had to be the way I experienced it. I started digging in.

Why veganism

Vegetarianism and veganism aren’t only diets but also a lifestyle. Maybe even mostly lifestyle. I stopped eating meat after I saw my uncle killing his birds and making soups our of them which he wanted to feed me. Soon after that a duck was killed in my own bathtub and this experience changed me definitely.

When I arrived to the USA my now-husband, after he met me, said he’d try a meatless diet for a month to see how he’d feel. And he never went back! We became vegan together after around a year. It was caused by the fact that we watched some documentaries showing how animals are treated when they’re grown for meat and dairy and the ones in laboratories, zoos, circuses and other. The main movie was “Earthlings”.

When cancer knocks on your door…

My whole family on my mother’s side got cancers and all of them died pretty early. Together with my mother who had breast cancer and died at the age of 39 and my only sister who at the age of 22 was diagnosed with a stage IV colon cancer. She died half a year after the diagnosis. All of them went with a traditional treatment plans – surgeries, chemotherapies, radiation. All of them died.

I, on the other hand, because of all these experiences lived in fear, stress, lack of safety, anger, sadness… Since I was a child.

When I found out about my sister’s diagnosis I went to get tested too because then I realized that something went wrong. Suddenly my whole reality that I lived in since I was born stopped being normal and natural. I had genetic tests and I found out that I’m a carried of a rare genetic mutation called Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Later I had a full body MRI and a colonoscopy and, fortunately or not, I found out that I had a polyp on my colon. After testing it doctors told me that it had cancerous cells already. They removed a part of my colon “just in case” and this part turned out to be clean. Several months later I underwent a preventive double mastectomy to minimize my risk of getting breast cancers almost to a zero.

At that time I started questioning everything. My life up until then, my family members’ diseases, ways of treating them, medicines that I had in my life, my fears and all the other problems… I started reading, asking, watching and learning everything I could. And I finally realized something that should be obvious for everyone in the world but it’s not – a human body is created in such a way that it’s capable to heal from everything and anything unless a human interrupts it.

Then I realized how destroyed my body was – inside and out. I started learning where all my problems came from, the cancerous cells too! More or less then I visited my sister in Poland and when I was there my husband called. He said: “Aga, I found a cure for cancer!”

We both decided that it was time for a change. Not only in our lives in general but most of all in our diets. This is where fruitarianism came into a picture. For health. For animals. For the environment.

Everything is going the right way

A lot changed after we changed our way of eating. Even though I was a vegan before, I wasn’t a healthy vegan. You can read about fruitarianism on its own page. My health started improving. I stopped getting sick, my periods became painless, lighter and shorter. My hair stopped getting so oily, I got more energy and my skin got much better. There was many more changes and I have a short series of videos about them on my YouTube channel.

Now it’s your turn

I believe that each person is here on Earth for something. Everything happens for a reason and even though we don’t have power over everything, each experience is some kind of a lesson for us and guides us somewhere.

I experienced tons in my life and I know that now I’m in a situation that allows me sharing my story with others in order to help them. My experiences and knowledge that I’ve been getting for years now are my way of helping others and helping others is my goal in life.

I’m glad that you’re here and I hope you’ll stay longer. I also hope that soon you’ll be able to show off your changes too.

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