How to prepare for the quarantine?

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I need to start by saying that nobody will tell you to lock your houses down and stay inside at all times. Even during a quarantine, you’ll be able to go out to a grocery store, for example. I’m not telling you to not stack on anything and to ignore the issue. No, no. What […]

What is fruitarianism?

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I think it’s very important to explain the differences between three different kinds of vegan diet. There’s a lot of confusion around them, so I want to make things clear and make sure that you understand what we’re talking about. You might be wondering why I don’t talk about vegetarianism. A vegetarian diet excludes meat, […]

Monomeals – what are they and why are they better?

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On my YouTube channel, every once in a while there will be someone telling me that any monodiet isn’t healthy, it doesn’t give me enough of anything, I’ll get sick, I’m ruining my daughter’s health and, on top of it all, it’s just boring. Hold  on a second. Here’s an example of my day: I’ll […]