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I talk about a widely understood lifestyle, about my experiences as a Polish girl living in the United States, about my travels, seeing new places and people. I’m not afraid of writing about controversial subjects that others avoid and that bring up a lot of emotions like, for example, raising children in a different way than most know or being a raw vegan. I share how it is to be a new stay at home mom and since I want to be real I share both good and bad sides of it. If I talk about some product it means it’s worth it and I like it a lot. My blog keeps changing with me so I started writing about health and medical stuff as well. I promote a healthy lifestyle friendly to everything and everyone. I also want to show that life isn’t always great but we can solve all the problems we have. I try to help people to find their own way.

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I’m open for various forms of cooperation such as:

* products reviews

* website promotes

* sponsored posts

* contests

* travels

* cooperating with organizations or charities

* photoshoots

* and other!



I consider each cooperation individually and when I get involved in something I do it in a 100% and do my best.

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I respond to all the e-mail with no exceptions and I do it as soon as possible.

At the same time, I’m asking you to remember that I’m a raw vegan so I’ll reject any cooperation request that’s about products linked to use of animals in any way or products that contain any animal products (including books for children talking about eating meat, etc.).


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