History of blog

How did it all begin?

I created my blog aga-usa.blogspot.com on August 19, 2013. The idea came to my head because my plans were to go to the USA as an Au Pair and I wanted to talk about my struggles with a driver’s license in Warsaw, all the paper work for my agency, application, looking for a family, departure… Until the end of the program and maybe even longer. Therefore, the name “aga-usa” was simple, easy to remember and concrete (by the way, for those who don’t know yet – my name is Agnieszka and Aga is for short). The blog’s title which is Take me to California and give me a new life! was associated with me wanting to live in California. Not because I wanted to be close to the ocean and beach but because there was someone who waited for me at that point. The passing time verified everything, I arrived to Georgia and I wouldn’t change this place for any other.


For whom?

Not that long ago someone asked me to whom, in specific, I address my blog. I couldn’t answer this question in the same specific way because of a very simple reason – I address my blog to everyone who’s interested! The truth is that people reading me are women and men (although, mostly women), age from more or less 15 to over 60. Polish people still living in Poland and not wanting to move out and the ones living abroad – in the US and also in different places. People who are preparing for their Au Pair experience; the ones who already are Au Pairs in the States and the ones after the program. Parents who look for a place to read while drinking coffee and the ones who look for some help with children when other methods failed. People who identify themselves with my experiences from my life and the ones who like to laugh when I talk about random stuff. Recently I’ve been talking about our diet which is an interesting subject for a lot of people and about my health problems as well.

As you can see, everyone will find something for themselves and I don’t want to limit myself – if I want to do something, I do it big way.


Walking down memory lane?

I was writing about everything week by week. Mostly focusing on Au Pair stuff since this was my main subject at that time.

Later on, I’d add posts about my travels all over the States, about living here, people, etc. I’d start to open myself more because I was that the more honest I am, the better you react and it happened not only once that people were sharing their personal stuff with me via private messages or in comments. I really like and appreciate it.

Later I started to write about treating children and relationships in general. These posts were highly read, I myself am proud of them, and the whole list of them is here. There are more planned!

The big breakthrough, I think, was that moment when I told everyone that me and Nathan – my ex host dad – were a couple! After that everything went smoothly – posts about “being Au Pair” were put aside a little bit but I’m still open to help others with that.

I started to add more posts about my private life, like, for example, very important and personal post about my experiences from school (unfortunately I didn’t translate this one), and then getting engaged, getting married and some good news about our family getting bigger. Our daughter was born healthy on March 25, 2016.


It’s time for something new!

Lately I’ve been thinking that since my story with being Au Pair is already finished, it was time to change something. I decided to create a new website in a new place with a new layout to reach more people and also just because I felt like I wanted a change after two years. That’s why I decided to say good-bye to Blogspot.com and move onto my own – agakirchner.com which I like a lot, to be honest. All my old posts are still here, nothing will be lost. And since I’ve been adding posts in two language versions, now the whole page will be in Polish and English.

I thank Marta for creating this website and Weronika for my logo! I wouldn’t do it myself.

It’s really nice that so many of you visit me regularly, read my posts and share positive and negative reactions – all of them count. It’s also an amazing feeling that I have so many friendly people around me who I never met in my life and I’ll probably never meet and at the same time I’m happy that I can share all those important events from my life and also those less important but still mine. It gives me a great joy to write here and I don’t think anything will change about it.

Remember that you can always send a message to me about anything you want using a contact page and my fanpage on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Have a pleasant reading!