to-do list

  1. Go to Los Angeles and walk through Venice Beach.
  2. Go to Santa Monica.
  3. Go to the Madame Tussauds Museum in Hollywood.
  4. Take a picture “holding” the Hollywood Sign in my hand.
  5. Get a tattoo in LoveHate Tattoo Studio in Miami Beach.
  6. Go bungee jumping from the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado which is the highest bungee in the world.
  7. Go skydiving.
  8. Take a picture on the red stairs on Times Square.
  9. Go to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.
  10. Go to at least three Six Flags Parks.
  11. Meet Jim Carrey, tell him how much I adore him and take a picture with him.
  12. Do something that I have been scared of doing before.
  13. Not to gain weight!
  14. Visit all the states.
  15. See the Grand Canyon.
  16. Make a dream from my teenage time come true and go to Wheaton, Illinois.
  17. Go to Las Vegas.
  18. Take a picture with the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, CA.
  19. See the Niagara Falls (Canadian side).
  20. Go to Hawaii and have a drink laying on a hammock between two palm trees.
  21. Olympic National park, Washington.
  22. Black Hills, South Dakota.
  23. Arches National Park, Utah.
  24. Key West, Florida.
  25. Washington, D.C.
  26. Go and jump on “free fall” from the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.
  27. Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona.
  28. Glass Beach, CA.
  29. Flathead Lake, Montana.
  30. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
  31. Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA.
  32. Robin Thicke concert!
  33. A concert and a party with Redfoo.
  34. Maroon 5
  35. Ne-Yo
  36. Usher
  37. Chris Brown
  38. Beyonce
  39. Michael Jackson tribute
  40. See a baseball game live…
  41. …and a basketball game, too!
  42. Take a picture on the Brooklyn Bridge, NY.
  43. Go and see some show on Broadway.
  44. Collect candies in Halloween!
  45. The Chippendales show in the US.
  46. Take a sunbathe in the winter time.
  47. See a football game.
  48. Swim with dolphins.
  49. Dive in a cool place with a coral reef.
  50. Walk in the Central Park and have a picnic out there.
  51. Ride a motorcycle with a high speed.
  52. Go to Mexico.
  53. Rest a little bit and do nothing in an exotic place like Barbados, Puerto Rico or Panama.
  54. Speak English without any problems.
  55. Go to a pole dance classes.
  56. Find a “soulmate” who I could talk about everything with.
  57. Keep eating healthy food.
  58. Write a book.
  59. Keep writing a diary.
  60. Collect bills, tickets, leaflets, etc., from all the places I visit.
  61. Buy postcards from each city I am in.
  62. Be able to get up in the morning with a smile on my face.
  63. See at least one Cirque de Soleil show.
  64. Get a state driver’s license or an ID.
  65. Have at least 1.5 hours for myself each day.
  66. Spend one night in a very luxury and fancy hotel.
  67. Shop at least once without thinking about money at all.
  68. Go to a tv show/tv series/movie’s set and take a part in a production.
  69. See some dancing battle live.
  70. Have a one very expensive thing and not to have any pangs of conscience about money I had to spend on it.
  71. Have a closet full of clothes.
  72. Make someone happy.
  73. Help people.
  74. Do something good.
  75. Think about myself more.
  76. Stop doing things I don’t want to do just because someone wants me to.
  77. Be happy.
  78. Wear high heels without worrying about what people think.
  79. Drink only one cup of coffee daily.
  80. Go to aquarium in Atlanta.
  81. Feel well with myself.
  82. Have my hair touching my waist.
  83. Take a picture with a monkey.
  84. Go for a walk by the ocean at night.
  85. Spend a weekend in SPA resort.
  86. Ride a jeep on a desert.
  87. Fly a hot air balloon.
  88. Go to a glass balcony on Willis Tower in Chicago, IL.
  89. Visit all the continents.
  90. Be in four places at the same time (Utah/Colorado/Arizona/New Mexico).
  91. Do all the things from this list.