Uncover The Secrets Behind My Transformation  Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health…

Inside this book, you’ll learn…
– The real reason for health problems (hint: it’s not genetics!)
– The healing power of raw foods (especially fruits!)
– What a 'healthy diet’ really is & actually follow it
– How to detox, take care of & heal your body (anyone can do this!)
– How to treat / prevent diseases & live a long, happy life
– How to make a change today & move towards optimal health!

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Change your life!

“Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger.”
Caldwell Esselstyn

Then I realized how destroyed my body was – inside and out.
I started learning where all my problems came from, the cancerous cells too! More or less then I visited my sister in Poland and when I was there my husband called. He said:
“Aga, I found a cure for cancer!”

We both decided that it was time for a change.
Not only in our lives in general but most of all in our diets.
This is where fruitarianism came into a picture.
For health. For animals. For the environment.