Aga Kirchner

Fruitarianism is a lifestyle, not only a diet. It’s about being as close to the nature as possible. It’s not only about eating what nature gives us, mainly fruits, but also about respecting the animal kingdom. Fruitarians don’t eat and don’t use any products containing anything coming from animals. They eat mainly or only botanical fruits and tender green leaves like spinach or romain lettuce. Tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers or zucchini are fruits too. Everything is eaten raw and in as simple forms as possible.

Raw food is the healthiest and the most natural food for humans. People are frugivors but things keeps changing on the way and these days things that aren’t supposed to be in our bodies at all are called food. Tons of them are stimulants, fillers, empty calories, allergens and they cause a lot of health issues. Some of these are seem easily like, for example, acne. Others will come out over years.

Cooking, frying or baking are called chemical experiments by some people. Chemical reactions are endless, nobody knows all of them. What’s well known is that while cooking harmful chemical compounds are produced and some of them cause cancers. Also, while we cook in temperature higher than 113-115 degrees Fahrenheit a lot of things change and they never go back. Food loses its enzymes and so then our bodies are required to put much more work and energy in digesting. It all loses vitamins and minerals too. So it’s appropriate to say that a product like this is simply dead. And fresh fruits contain tons of antioxidants which help cleansing our bodies from dead or damaged cells and this in turn helps improve our health. Our bodies cleanse themselves getting everything they need at the same time.

It’s all very simple. A question comes to my mind here – why to eat something that’s dead and that will not help us live a long and happy life? To me the answer is obvious and I invite each one of you to look through my website and on my YouTube channel for more information on this topic.

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