Parenting consultation

Are you looking for a way to solve issues with your children? You don’t know how to stop your child from crying every night before bed or how to stop your 5-year-old from throwing blocks on other kids? You don’t know what to do when your teenager keeps coming back home too late leaving you there with a lot of stress? Let me know and I’ll help you solve the problems!

Communication coaching

If you don’t quite know how to get along with a parent, friend, employer, employee, or anyone else around you and you feel like there are always conflicts or you just want to broaden your understanding of interpersonal communication, then this consultation is for you!

How to change your diet and improve your health?

If you are in a situation where you feel it’s time to change, but you don’t know where to start, feel free to talk to me! I will help you make changes in a way that is safe and effective for you.

How to raise healthy children

If you are wondering how to start solids, what to give your child first and when; how to feed children so that they do not get sick or how to make sure that the child eats colorful, healthy, and – above all – willingly, these consultations will be for you!