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All the information and opinions that you find on this website and that you’ll hear during our calls are based on my personal research (see some of my sources here), my own personal experiences around transitioning to a raw vegan high fruit diet, raisins children on this diet as well as healing with help from juice fasts, herbs and water fast. I am not a doctor and do not provide any medical advice, I do not diagnose any diseases or conditions and therefore I do not set up any treatment plan for any diseases or conditions. I give you information based on what’s mentioned above and you’re responsible for what you do with this information. If you take any medication, please consult your actions with a health care professional (be it a doctor, naturopath, or any other qualified professional appropriate for you and your needs).

I am a certified parenting coach (certified by Gordon Training International)
Currently in progress: Raw Food Educator
In plans: Detoxification expert

What others say

„I started following your work a year ago and you made me very curious, you seemed trustworthy. I would like to point out that I was very thin then, I heard that I did not eat anything (I ate a lot, at the time when I was obsessed I counted calories to have a surplus), that I look like an anorexic. I even had various tests done in this direction and nothing came out. Six months after the first „meeting” with you, I said: I do not eat meat and I am slowly reducing dairy products. Since then, I have been consistent in this and I eat less, I feel full, and my diet is based mainly on vegetables and fruit, and note: I gained 10 kg healthily !! Seems like a lot, but being tall is just right, still slim, I got feminine curves which makes me feel sexier and more self-confident. Thanks to you and your diet, I realized the value of my body, I play sports and I am sensitive to the world! <3 And for the first time in three years I have perfect blood results and my period started to regulate, and I had a lot of problems with it ..
– Magda

„Watching you for some 1.5-2 years, a lot has changed in my life (14 months ago I decided to eat 100% plant-based and go raw – now I can call myself a fruitarian: D, just like my family – maximum freshness in our menu = zero diseases (and the children were seriously ill before 4 and 7.5 years) The awareness of raising and enjoying life has also changed – school limits us – getting up in the morning is a lot of stress, but I can’t really do decide on home education, but I think about it intensely …: D You are VERY INSPIRING to me! Thank you for sharing everything: * „
– Monika

Thanks to you, I understood that I am not obliged to do exactly what the media and pediatricians tell me. Following your methods, it turned out that my previously ill son suddenly stopped experiencing anything. There are no runny noses or sudden rashes anymore, and he is happy to be able to choose his own food by simply grabbing the fruit on the table. Thanks, Aga!”
– Robert