How to change your diet and improve your health?

Do you feel it’s time to change something in your life to feel better? Want more energy and vigor, but don’t know where to start? Do you have ailments that you cannot get rid of and are you fed up with them? Don’t know how to increase your fresh fruit consumption and don’t understand how you can live by eating only raw?

I am happy to help you introduce many more healthy, raw foods into your diet gradually, which is safe for your health. I will help you plan your grocery shopping and decide which direction is best for you. We will talk not only about changing the diet but also about taking care of mental health and body movement so that everything works smoothly and that there is a balance.

Before the first interview, I will give you a form to fill in, in which I will ask you to answer specific questions about what you need, how you are feeling, your current diet, etc.
After each consultation, you will receive additional information from me with a summary of our conversation and with tips suitable for you and only for you based on your personal needs.

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