How to raise healthy children?

Nowadays it is very popular to normalize diseases in children, which I have been fighting for a long time. Eternal runny nose, pharyngitis or ear infections, asthma, eczema, and many others are not normal and natural at any stage of life, especially in children.

I am happy to help you ensure that your children have a healthy foundation that will shape their relationship with food later. After all, we create our children’s eating habits, so it’s important to keep them as healthy as possible.

During these consultations, I will help you with:

  • changing your children’s eating habits if they have eaten traditionally before (+ how to talk to them about it);
  • expanding the toddlers’ diet – when, why, what, etc
  • learning how to trust children and that they know very well how much food they need;
  • understanding that children do not need meat or even cooked foods to be healthy;
  • realizing that simplicity is best and that fruit and other fresh products should be the basis of the child’s diet;
  • dispel any doubts you may have.

Before the first consultation, I will give you a detailed questionnaire, which I will ask you to fill in. There will be questions about your child’s current diet, possible health problems, goals, and concerns.
After each consultation, you will receive a summary of the conversation and tips tailored to your needs.

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