Communication & counseling

These consultations are ideal for those looking for solutions to their relationship problems. Whether it’s your parent, friend, teacher, or neighbor – communication is incredibly important. During these conversations, we will solve your problems, and we will also focus on:

  • problem-solving skills with respect to other people;
  • learning how to actively listen to others, especially when they have a different opinion from us;
  • how to confront others with our problems, no matter how trivial they seem;
  • me listening to your problems fully with acceptance and understanding so that you can start seeing it from a different perspective which then will help you start problem-solving process on your own (which, in turn, is very rewarding);
  • and many more depending on your needs.

These consultations are also ideal for entrepreneurs trying to improve their relations with employees and learn how to manage them effectively.

Everyone taking their time to change their life into better who decided to use my help, is satisfied with the result. One of the opinions, this one comes from Adriana, a girlfriend and mom of 1:
„Every time I talk with Aga, I feel understood. She really knows how to listen without judging and sharing her own opinions unless I ask her for it. I feel more comfortable, safer and as if I have a soul mate. Although I feel stressed before each meeting, after it there’s always a lot of positive energy and I feel much lighter :).”

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