Parenting coaching

I am a certified parenting instructor and my work is based on the Gordon model, which you can read about in the book „Parent Effectiveness Training” by Dr. Thomas Gordon. Apart from what is in this book and my instructional materials, I also enrich my coaching with my own experiences and knowledge from other sources. The age of the children does not matter!

If you want to read more about my method, please visit my website.

During these calls, I will help you with:

During these consultations, I will help you with:

  • solving any problems you have;
  • realizing who has a problem in order to understand it and be able to manage it;
  • developing active listening skills to help children express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and to teach them to solve their own problems on their own from the earliest stages of their lives (even when they are only 2 years old);
  • proactively preventing problems, so that families are happier, calmer, and more comfortable with each other and have fewer conflicts;
  • learning to use the so-called I-message, which is a message that tells about what we feel, what values, ​​we have instead of blaming others for how we feel;
  • learning about the method of solving conflicts, which is called the „win-win method”, which is a method that makes everyone win and no one has a grudge against anyone;
  • learning how to deal with value clashes between you and your children to increase understanding and acceptance even when you have completely different opinions than the other person;
  • and more depending on what your needs are.